Change motorcycle handlebars?

Here's how you can do it yourself right at home

If you have already purchased our handlebars and have just arrived home or if you still have doubts because you may think that the handlebar is difficult to assemble, these practical video guides how to mount the SRT handlebar on your bike could help you, especially if you are thinking about installing the handlebar and maybe it's the first one you mount.

If you are a DIY lover, mounting the handlebars is part of all those customizations that an enthusiast can carry out at home without particular problems, "modifying" the bike is a relaxing activity that distracts from a day's work.

Spending a few hours in the garage doing these chores also helps you get to know your bike better.

If you are still undecided I suggest you to watch these videos anyway, you will see how simple the assembly is 



If you want to make a video where you explain how to mount the SRT handlebar, send it to us and we will evaluate the official publication.