Ducati Monster high handlebar

Ducati Monster, a type of riding and motorcycle that does not adapt well to certain handlebars

If you are reading this article, I am sure that you have a Ducati Monster and you want a more comfortable riding position, so we have decided to answer this question that we receive more and more often:
"I have a Monster 695, I would like to raise the handlebars a little to have a more comfortable riding position and less load on my wrists, advice?"
This is a sample question among the many that come to us, do not mind the fact that the Monster in question is a 695, the answer is also valid for the other Ducati Monsters.

Before answering this question I would like to specify that there are 2 types of requests concerning the Monster, and it is good to clarify this point to help you understand exactly the 2 driving differences (which may seem obvious but are not).
ducati monster high handlebar

The most common request is: "I would like a sportier ride on my Ducati Monter"

There are those from the Monster who   want an even sportier ride with a lower handlebar, for this type of request the answer is simple.
We have even created two solutions especially for the Monster, the first is our  LOW-BEND HANDLEBAR , the second is a  SPECIFIC KIT  consisting of plates and handlebars to transform the Monster from naked into a sports bike with handlebars ready for curbs or to do a unique special. 
This half-handlebar conversion kit is in great demand because it is designed for the Ducati Monster and we are the only company to make it.
But if you have entered this page it is surely because you are looking for a  high handlebar for your Ducati Monster.
I don't want to go too far, but I had to make this premise to emphasize that the Ducati Monster is a bike that lends itself very well to sporty riding with low handlebars.

I want more comfort on my Ducati Monster

This is the gist of the second request that has been gaining ground in recent years. 

Having a more comfortable riding position on the Ducati Monster is not such a strange requirement these days, in fact the Monster is a bike that can be ridden fairly lying on the tank and this makes it not exactly the most comfortable and comfortable bike that exists on the tank. market.

But if you fell in love with the Monster style but at the same time want to be more comfortable, what solution do you have?

Most motorcyclists think they can find a solution by switching to the high fold handlebar to solve the problem of discomfort.

On the other hand, these are the tips online.

Too bad they are wrong!

The high fold handlebar is not the correct handlebar for the Monster, in addition to not solving the problem it makes it worse, even to the detriment of driving.

We could do as everyone else does, at your request it was enough to say: "Yes, don't worry, take the handlebars and you will finally be comfortable".

However, this is not our way of working.

SRT manufactures handlebars to improve the ride of your bike and to improve the riding position.

If we tell you that the high fold handlebar is not good, it is because it is NOT good!

We sell it, so what changes for us to recommend a handlebar with one bend instead of another?

Nothing, they cost the same!

Many do not know that the term "HIGH BEND" (and also medium and low) is a generalist term that has no meaning, I suggest you read  THIS ARTICLE  to understand what we are talking about.

The name to attribute a "fold" is used only in Italy, in the rest of Europe it is an unknown term. I won't dwell too much on the drop handlebar (that's why we wrote a dedicated article), but to make you better understand what we say, a high bend handlebar from one brand can be lower than a medium bend handlebar from another different brand.

Ok, it's a complicated concept, in practice, the PIEGA ALTA brand A handlebar can be lower than the PIEGA MEDIA brand B handlebar.

The name absolutely does not identify the height, it has nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately we cannot escape this classification, but we are trying to "instruct" by explaining through guides this aspect that creates a lot of confusion.

handlebar fold

But which handlebar to mount then?

Simple, the handlebar that improves the position in the saddle on the Ducati Monster, allowing you to ride it like a Naked without distorting the ride and remaining not only less lying on the tank, but also with the  WRISTS WELL ALIGNED  to the arms is the:

 HANDLEBAR FOLD MEDIA SRT   non a generic medium fold, but the SRT medium fold. 

Exactly, the handlebar that we recommend to have a more comfortable position on your Monster is the SRT medium drop.

But be careful, our recommendations only apply to SRT handlebars. Don't complain if taking another handlebar doesn't improve anything! 

In fact, our folds are designed for precise functions. The medium fold, for example, is designed to improve the driving comfort of the main naked, which includes the Monster.

And do you know why the SRT medium fold is good, while the high fold is wrong for your Monster?

Because the "high fold" handlebar has measures that are ideal for touring bikes, which have a completely different position on the saddle from the Ducati Monster. 

By mounting a high crease on your Monster you would have 2 main problems.

The first is that you would still be lying on the tank but with your arms higher, as the handlebars are almost always quite straight.

You would find yourself in an uncomfortable position in the saddle, making the handling of the bike worse. 

The second problem you would encounter is that the throttle cables and brake hoses would be short and you would not be able to fit the handlebars.

In fact, the Monster does not have much "availability" of cables to be able to mount excessively high handlebars.

The SRT medium handlebar instead has a shape that adapts perfectly to the Monster, allowing you to raise the guide just enough without replacing the gas, brake and clutch cables.

The specific shape, on the other hand, helps to have a straighter riding position, improving riding comfort.

The SRT medium handlebar is in fact angled towards the rider just enough to stay straighter in the saddle without lying down too much.

But ensuring a straight position of the wrists without tiring you while driving.


monster high handlebar

Trust the only company with experience in motorcycle handlebars.

If you have a riding problem on your motorcycle and want to improve your riding position, solve the problem by relying on SRT Factory, the only company specializing in the construction of motorcycle handlebars.

We designed our handlebars after numerous riding tests and only after years have we found the right shape. 

Only we who know our handlebars can advise you which ones are suitable for solving specific driving problems.

For this reason we wrote this article dedicated to the Ducati Monster, because we could have made it short and told you: "Yes , if you want to raise the guide, go for the high handlebar, that's fine".

But this is a typical phrase of a dealer who has to sell at all costs, even at the expense of the first unaware motorcyclist who trusts recklessly.

Unfortunately, your trust in that case is misplaced, given that retailers have no training whatsoever on the products they sell, choosing the product with the greatest profit, or worse, the cheapest product, because "so customers just want to spend little. ".

That's not true, motorcyclists want to solve a driving problem! This is why we recommend the right handlebar to solve your driving problem, not the cheapest one that doesn't help you in any way.

If you want to improve the riding position of your Monster, without giving up driving one of the best bikes there is, also improving the aesthetics, you can do it with the: