Fun bikes?

Find out how you can make your bike more fun to ride with one simple trick

Do you want to find out if your motorcycle has this problem?

Let's get straight to the point, the problem I'm talking about, your bike almost certainly has it!

In fact, if you want to make your bike more fun to ride with the original handlebar or another handlebar, you are almost certainly not enjoying your bike 100%.

Yes, I know, changing something is always a trauma, even for small things like the handlebars.

You already know the current riding situation and I imagine you would like a more fun, more manageable, more dynamic bike.

Changing handlebars could certainly improve the situation, but as well as make things worse ...

If, on the other hand, you leave everything as it is now, you are sure that it works, even if you may not be completely satisfied; or you think you are not knowing what your bike would look like with a different handlebar, an SRT Factory handlebar.

Not changing anything could be very comfortable and safe, but by trying a new handlebar you can make your bike more fun to ride, experiencing new and better driving sensations.

Why do you keep giving up on this?

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Yes I know, you think your bike is perfect like this and it can't get any more fun.

In fact, many motorcyclists think so ... they think that the only solution is to change bikes.

Until they try their "perfect" bike with an SRT handlebar and change their mind about how much their bike really is ... imperfect.

I'll give you a more intuitive example.

I am sure that your bike brakes without problems, no one can question it, but if you wanted to IMPROVE the braking of your bike, you could ONLY do it by changing the original master cylinder with a radial, for example  Brembo , which enhances the braking.

This is a fact.

And you can do it without having to change bikes.

We therefore agree that your bike brakes, but to improve braking you have to intervene on the original components (in this case the pump) to have a better result than before.

The SRT handlebar performs the same task as the pump, IMPROVES RIDING compared to the original handlebar (and also compared to competitor handlebars).

By replacing the current handlebar with an SRT model, you will discover how the driving of your bike will be smoother, more precise, faster but above all more fun.

But did you know that a lot of driving problems are caused by the handlebars?

Often thousands of euros are spent to modify the bike; you change suspensions and exhausts, mount carbon parts ...

But then you forget the simpler things that change the riding of the bike, improving it!

By choosing an SRT handlebar you get 3 important benefits as well as make it more fun to drive fact you'll get:

- a better comfort by reducing vibration

- agility and the feeling with the bike higher

-estetica the superior motorcycle

Yeah just like that, because even if on the forums or Facebook groups we only talk about the functional advantages, in reality many changes are made to beautify the bike.

Removing the steel handlebar and replacing it with one in ergal SRT is not only practical because it reduces vibrations (SRT handlebars reduce vibrations by up to 25%), but it is also beautiful to look at, thanks to the anodized and brushed finish, unique to ours handlebars!

If you think your bike is fine as it is we cannot convince you, because only by trying an SRT handlebar you will understand the advantages you can get, improving the ride and the aesthetics of your bike.

Many are surprised by this, because they are convinced that a handlebar cannot do this, on the other hand if you mount the original handlebar, or a handlebar of another brand, you will never change anything while riding.

So I understand your skepticism. But the SRT handlebar is the only handlebar that can help you improve your riding and

You can't imagine how many people, after trying an SRT handlebar, when they sell their bike to buy a new one, they buy it back to be mounted on the bike they just bought.

It doesn't matter if your bike is used or new, if you want to improve the ride and aesthetics, then mounting the SRT handlebar is the only solution to get a smoother and more fun ride.

Do you know why many DO NOT change the handlebars?

What do many bikers do? They wait to fall to change the handlebars!

They spend a lot of money to change license plate holders, mirrors, arrows and accessories with a purely aesthetic function and then they do not change the handlebar, which not only improves the aesthetics, but also improves driving, as well as making it more fun.


On the other hand, it is a typical attitude as evidenced by a statistic based on the sale of alarms, which demonstrates the shocking given that people buy an alarm only after being robbed.

So don't wait to fall to change the handlebars, and even if you are a motorcyclist who loves to have everything original, the handlebar should think about changing it, the reason we have explained in our ULTIMATE HANDLEBAR GUIDE and I will not repeat it so as not to bore it. has already read.

If you have skipped reading our  GUIDE , you should go and see it  ;)

You don't have to have a bent handlebar to justify the replacement.

In fact, many times you get stuck by not replacing the handlebar for fear that:

- it cannot be installed on your motorcycle

- the replacement of the handlebar could create problems with the motorcycle warranty

Maybe you are undecided because you are wondering what risks you can run by changing handlebars.

The answer is simple, by changing the handlebars you can only improve the aesthetics and handling of your bike while saving a lot of money in unnecessary modifications!

All These Concerns Are Unfounded

If you are afraid that changing the handlebars will upset the handling of your motorcycle, you don't have to worry.

The SRT handlebars do not change the characteristics of the bike, such as road holding or safety, but enhance the driving skills by improving them and accentuating the sensitivity on the controls.

This means that you will not change any dynamic characteristics, but you will simply accentuate its merits.

An example: if your bike is agile it will become even more agile with the SRT handlebar!

I am writing this to you because many people do not change the handlebar for fear of changing something and making the situation worse, but the replacement of the handlebar will only bring improvements for the reasons I explained above.

These fears arise from some changes that every motorcyclist is forced to face sooner or later; such as changing tires once worn.

Tire changing is one of those operations that can have positive or negative aspects, even with the same tire level (same price range but different brand).

Changing make or model will cause different feelings and sensations while riding, sometimes positive and sometimes negative, depending on how you are used to riding and other characteristics of the bike.

Changing the handlebars is not like changing tires!

By changing the stock handlebar with an SRT you will improve and enhance the handling of your bike.

Another question that some motorcyclists ask us is that of having problems with the police in the event of an inspection, or during the overhaul.

You may have problems due to mirrors, arrows, exhaust, as well as tires and rims, usually in fact the controls always fall on the usual offending aesthetic accessories: exhaust, mirrors and arrows, license plate holder.

The latter does not even need to be approved, and it is also possible to make it at home, the important thing is to respect the position and angle, providing it with light and reflector.

However, you may have problems if your motorcycle is under warranty.

In fact, if it is true that some dealers do not "make a fuss" if the bike has a non-original handlebar, others could void the warranty for any aftermarket accessory fitted.

Fortunately, the handlebar is a very simple element to replace, so in case of problems, it will be enough to refit the original handlebar to avoid having your warranty request rejected.

By fitting an SRT handlebar you will only receive benefits by amplifying the qualities of your bike.

We could have made it the same as your original, but we didn't ...

Sometimes it happens that some customers ask us for a handlebar that is the same as the original one.

This request arises from the fact that motorcyclists often think that a handlebar other than the original handlebar can create problems.

Maybe assembly becomes difficult, or the guide may get worse.

On the other hand, many think that the original handlebar is the "right" handlebar for the bike, otherwise why would the parent company have mounted it?

Given that the SRT handlebars do not present compatibility problems with any bike, and that if you choose the right handlebar (perhaps following our advice) the handling of your bike will not only improve, but it will also be more fun and dynamic, more comfortable and more precise.

Let me point out a detail ...

In your opinion, why didn't we copy the folds of the original handlebars equally?

Many do!

The answer is simple, we have not "cloned" the original folds because they are not good to improve the ride and make your bike more fun to ride.

It cost us nothing to copy it, on the contrary, we would have worked less, because we would not have had to work so hard to create such a high-performance handlebar, which cost us years of testing.

We could take the handlebars of the most popular naked, copy them and resell them as spare parts, we would certainly have saved time and money.

But you wouldn't have gotten any improvement!

So to the question: "Do you have the same handlebar as the original one on my bike?"

Our answer will always be the same: "The original handlebar is available as a spare at the dealership, the SRT handlebars, on the other hand, were created to improve driving, aesthetics and comfort and to do this they CANNOT be the same as the standard handlebar" .