Original handlebar, why change it.

If you are reading this page you are most likely undecided whether or not to change your original handlebar.

You have probably bent it and this can be a good opportunity to replace it.

Or you just don't feel comfortable with the original handlebar on your bike and want to improve your ride by changing handlebars.

In this case, you've got a great idea.

But I understand that you may have some doubts about how to proceed and which handlebar to choose.

Changing is always a trauma, even for small things like the handlebars.

You already know the current driving situation, changing handlebars could improve driving but also make things worse.

If you leave everything as it is you are sure that it works, even if you are not completely satisfied or you think you are, but not knowing what your bike would be like with a factory SRT handlebar, you are missing out on some wonderful riding sensations.

Not changing anything is very comfortable and safe, but trying a new handlebar will open you up to new riding sensations to help you improve your bike.

original handlebar

Have you never changed handlebars? You should change your mind

If you have never changed handlebars, now is really the time to try this step, because the advantages are many and there are practically no disadvantages.

In fact, changing handlebars helps you to obtain 3 main advantages:

- improves the ride

- improves the aesthetics of the bike

- improves comfort

Only by changing the original handlebar of your bike with a factory SRT handlebar can you get these results.

Your motorcycle's stock handlebar has several limitations, even if you are probably not aware of them, and replacing it with an SRT handlebar is a good thing.

For example, the original handlebar does not absorb vibrations, while the SRT Factory handlebar instead is designed to reduce vibrations (FIND OUT HOW THE SRT HANDLEBAR REDUCES VIBRATIONS ).

But the most important thing is that the SRT handlebar will improve the handling of your bike compared to the original handlebar, it will improve agility and response to commands, making the bike more "ready" and responsive. 

With the SRT handlebar you can have a "new" bike and experience better driving sensations than your standard handlebar.

It may seem strange to you, but many motorcyclists who have tried an SRT handlebar, when they sell the bike immediately buy the SRT handlebar by removing the original handlebar, because the driving differences between the SRT handlebar and the original handlebar are abysmal.

Only by trying one of our handlebars will you too understand what it feels like to ride the bike with an SRT factory handlebar.

Here we wanted to include some of the many reviews we receive every day from satisfied riders who have placed their trust in us.

change the original handlebar

original motorcycle handlebar

replace original handlebar

These are just some of the satisfied riders who bought the SRT handlebar by removing the original handlebar on their new bikes right away.

Why this?

It happens when you ride a motorcycle with an SRT handlebar and improve the ride, setting on the bike, handling and comfort by reducing vibrations.

Along with all these wonderful sensations you also find a beautiful ergal handlebar that is aesthetically gorgeous.

So you can just take off the metal tube you have right now and mount the best handlebar on the market!

Are you still wondering how our handlebars can improve driving?

Find out by reading  THIS ARTICLE

Changing the original handlebar with an SRT is the only guarantee of improving your bike.

For over 10 years we have specialized in motorcycle handlebars and we are the only company that develops ergal motorcycle handlebars to improve your naked.

By changing your original handlebar with an SRT factory handlebar you will only get improvements and you will be yet another satisfied customer to have chosen to improve their bike with one of our handlebars.


If you are looking for a handlebar identical to the original handlebar, you won't find it here

Sometimes it happens that some customers ask us for a handlebar that is the same as the original one.

This request arises from the fact that many times, motorcyclists think that a handlebar other than the original handlebar can create problems.

Maybe assembly becomes difficult, or the guide may get worse.

On the other hand, many think that the original handlebar is the "right" handlebar for the bike, otherwise why would the parent company have mounted it?

Given that the SRT handlebars do not present compatibility problems with any bike, and that if you choose the right handlebar (perhaps following our advice) the handling of your bike will not only improve, but it will also be more fun and dynamic, more comfortable and more precise.

Let me point out a detail ...

In your opinion, why didn't we copy the folds of the original handlebars equally?

Many do! 

The answer is simple, we have not "cloned" the original folds because they are not good for improving driving.

It cost us nothing to copy them, on the contrary, we would have worked less, because we would not have had to work so hard to create such a performing handlebar, which cost us years of testing.

We could take the handlebars of the most popular naked, copy them and resell them as spare parts, we would certainly have saved time and money.

But you wouldn't have gotten any improvement!

So to the question: "Do you have the same handlebar as the original one on my bike?" Our answer will always be the same: "The original handlebar is available as a spare at the dealership, the SRT handlebars, on the other hand, were created to improve driving, aesthetics and comfort and to do this they CANNOT be the same as the standard handlebar" .


best naked handlebar

Are you afraid that the handlebars will not mount?

One of the greatest "resistances" of those who want to change handlebars is the question of compatibility.

In fact, in recent years, the most common question that motorcyclists have asked us was: "do you mount this handlebar on my bike?".

The answer has always been the same, which is yes.

Our handlebars, unless you have a "strange" bike, are compatible with all major motorcycles, such as Aprilia, Benelli, Bimota, Bmw, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Ktm, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, Mv Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha.

Obviously we have folds dedicated perhaps to naked, or folds more suitable for enduro bikes  .

But in any case, our dumbbells,

Our compatibility list that you can  SEE HERE   has been developed over the years, after having sold thousands of handlebars.

If you have any doubts we are here to help you, in fact our task will be to give you assistance, according to the result you want to obtain, to show you the handlebar that best suits your needs.

And if you fail to mount the handlebar because your bike is special, you can always  use our free return formula .

All you have to do is choose the right SRT handlebar for your bike and improve the ride, aesthetics and comfort of your bike now.