How to understand motorcycle handlebar size?

How to understand motorcycle handlebar size? Here is a very fast method, without the need for a meter

Do you want to find out the handlebar size of your bike on the fly, and you don't have the meter or gauge available or at hand? Here is a method that works, fast and foolproof.

how to understand motorcycle handlebar size

Ok, let's start from the assumption that the  gauge  or the meter certainly give a precise measurement immediately, but there is a quick way to see the handlebar measurement on the fly, even by eye and even if you are not an expert.

In fact, in 90% of cases, handlebars have only two sizes. This measurement refers to the diameter of the handlebar. 

There are handlebars with a diameter measuring  22MM  , and handlebars with a diameter measuring  28MM . Now, seeing 6 mm of difference with the eye is possible, but it is not easy. 

But luckily there is a little trick to be sure and understand the size of the handlebar of your bike.

The trick to understand the size of the motorcycle handlebar is this:

The 22 mm handlebar has a constant section, so it measures 22 mm along its entire length, both in the riser area and in the area of ​​the grips, master cylinder, controls, etc. 

The 28 mm handlebar (or also called  VARIABLE SECTION HANDLEBAR ) measures 28 mm in the center, in the riser area (the area where it is fixed to the bike to understand), 22 mm at the ends where you will place the grips.

This makes it visibly "fat" or wider in the center, in the riser area, to narrow at the ends, in the knob area. 

With this trick you can quickly understand the size of your motorcycle handlebar.

This trick is valid for Japanese and European motorcycles, while American motorcycles (such as Harley) have 1" (about 25 mm) handlebars, the same is true for some very rare Triumphs.

Another exception is represented by the latest generation BMW GS and KTM 125/390, the only bikes with handlebars of a different size than the conventional ones. But even for these bikes, the connections of the brake master cylinders, throttle control, grips, ignition blocks, are always 22 mm, a measure used universally on most of the bikes on the market.