Pain in the motorcycle handlebar wrists? With the SRT handlebar you can solve it.

Find out how by reading this page

If you also suffer from  wrist pain when riding  your motorcycle, the SRT handlebar can help you solve the problem.

Your cause of wrist pain can be of various kinds and if the problem persists it would be good to check the  reasons  that cause the continuous pain, in fact it may sometimes not be the fault of the handlebar. 

But if you feel pain in your wrists in particular when riding the bike, then  SRT FACTORY HANDLEBARS  can help you prevent pain and make you go more miles on your bike without suffering from this annoying problem.

Motorcycle handlebar wrist pain

Find out what causes wrist pain when you ride a motorcycle

You may already know this, but we have been making handlebars for motorcycles for over 10 years, and one of the most frequent issues that motorcyclists complain about is wrist pain and tingling from riding a motorcycle.


If you are reading these lines you are probably interested in the problem and are looking for a solution to solve it.

Here you will find answers to this discomfort.

First you must know that the driving position that the original handlebars and practically all aftermaket handlebars impose on the driver is wrong and this is the main cause of wrist, shoulder and back pain.

The shape of these dumbbells and the type of fold does not allow the correct alignment of the wrists with respect to the forearm, thus not allowing the weight of the body to be correctly discharged onto the wrists.

If this statement seems "strong" to you and you are already wondering why the motorcycle manufacturers have to put an uncomfortable handlebar that creates problems when driving on the bikes they produce, I will give you the answer immediately.

They do it because the handlebars (and many other components) just have to be cheap.

You do not believe me? So why don't you find a stock Brembo radial pump (not semi-radial, RADIAL)?

Or why don't the original bikes already come out with braided brake hoses? 

Although these components are more performing they are also expensive. And that's why your bike most likely has "rubber" tubes and steel handlebars that force you to ride your bike as if it were a tricycle.

But that's not all, in addition to the shape, there are also the vibrations transmitted to the hands that worsen the situation, further sore the wrists.

If you have this kind of feeling when you ride your motorcycle, if you feel discomfort or fatigue in your wrists, back, arms then you should think of a solution.

Too many times the problem is underestimated and in the end, as an extreme solution, you end up selling the bike and stop living this passion because of the pain caused by riding. 

This doesn't have to happen!

90% of motorcyclists suffering from wrist pain while riding can solve the problem by changing the current handlebar to an  SRT FACTORY HANDLEBAR

drive motion pain wrists

But how can the SRT Factory handlebar solve the problem of wrist pain?

There are dozens of homemade methods to try to solve this problem, such as risers with the rubber around, replacing counterweights (which do not have the function you normally think), using foam inside the handlebar and so on.

All these efforts when fitting an SRT handlebar to obtain a marked improvement in riding comfort.

Yes that's right, your suffering will end when you mount an SRT handlebar.

Okay, this promise seems absurd to you.

You may be wondering how a simple handlebar can do this (which is not that simple).

First you need to know that we at SRT Factory specialize in the production of handlebars.

In fact, we have been producing handlebars for motorcycles for over 10 years, concentrating our resources only on this product and in this long period we have listened to the most common problems of our customers and we have developed SRT handlebars with patented folds to solve them.

To reduce vibrations in particular we use 2 unique systems:

- the SRT cold bending system

- differentiated thickness handlebar walls

With these two characteristic and unique processing methods of the SRT handlebars have, we have managed to REDUCE VIBRATION  up to 25%.

But as you read earlier, it's not just the vibrations that are the cause of wrist pain, the main cause is the shape of the handlebar which creates alignment problems between the wrist and forearm.

An incorrect position is the cause of the major problems that then lead to pain and soreness in the area.

In fact, having the wrists well aligned with the arms allows you to unload the weight without stressing the joint too much.

And this is where the patented bends of the SRT handlebar make the real difference compared to the original handlebar and the many aftermrket handlebars that do not solve the driving problems.

The shape of our handlebars is designed to allow you to have a more ergonomic and correct hand position without compromising driving pleasure.

With the SRT handlebar you can finally get an improvement in the riding of the bike and a greater comfort; and this thanks to the shape of the handlebar which finally allows you to unload the weight on the whole torso without loading only the wrists.

If you are tired of having to ride your motorcycle with a handlebar that forces you into an unnatural position, that creates pain and that does not allow you to fully enjoy the driving sensations of your motorcycle, then the SRT handlebar is the handlebar for you. you.

With the  SRT FACTORY MOTORCYCLE HANDLEBARS  you can solve driving problems and wrist pain.

Suzuki GSX-f 750 handlebar

Ok, you have read how the SRT handlebar can help you, are you curious to see how it has already helped other riders?

In these years of testing to create a handlebar that would help solve the problem of wrist pain and riding position, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers.

The thing that makes us really happy is that finally, by fitting the SRT handlebar and eliminating the old handlebar, these people finally managed to improve the ride, the comfort and while there was also the aesthetics of their bike with the best handlebar that there is on the market.

With the SRT handlebar we have made many motorcyclists happy who thanked us for having alleviated this annoying problem that as long as they had the old and ugly original handlebar, they were forced to suffer.

We wanted to include some of the  many reviews, of motorcyclists who had the same problem of tired wrists and arms as you and who managed to solve it simply and at a ridiculous expense with an SRT Factory handlebar.

handlebar vibrations

motorcycle handlebar vibrations

handlebar review

These are the words of other motorcyclists who like you were forced to feel uncomfortable, forced to adapt to the position on the saddle that the original handlebar forced them to have.



If you are tired of the uncomfortable driving of your motorcycle, of the pain in wrists and arms,

if you want to try new driving sensations that enhance your bike,

make it more comfortable, manageable and fun to drive


Start enjoying your bike as if it were a new bike.