Are you wondering why you should pay this price for an SRT Factory motorcycle handlebar?

If you are looking for quality at low prices ...


If you want to understand why we DO NOT make cheap dumbbells I suggest you read these lines ...

Surely it will have happened to you too to come across many advertisements that almost shout a miracle claiming to have managed to find the secret formula to obtain the highest quality at the best price!

Fantastic, but tell me, how many times have you heard the word: value for money, or: the same quality at an even lower price ... or other phrases of this type?

I would say in every advertisement in this world.

By now it seems that everyone produces only products of extreme quality even if the quality parameter is never well defined, since it is never clear which quality they refer to. 

The most incredible thing is that: the more quality these products are and magically ... the less they cost!

On the other hand, logic would lead us to think that a better product, built with care and made with more attention to detail, should cost more.

In fact, the logic is not wrong! In order for a product to be better than another, it must have superior characteristics.

For example, if we talk about handlebars these could be:

- the material used to produce it

- the surface finish

- but above all the advantages it brings to motorcyclists (like you)

For this reason we do not want to fool you with a promise of this kind, a promise unrealistic. 

You pay for quality

Because the reality is that in order to make a superior product we are forced to incur higher costs.

And it's definitely not a common move, as normally everyone is always trying to make cheap products.

In fact it is the fashion of the moment!

But unfortunately cheaper products only mean lower quality and more problems, after-sales problems, reliability problems, durability problems.

Usually, those who come to us are because they want to improve driving, have better comfort, or maybe simply improve the aesthetics of the bike.

These are the typical requests of many motorcyclists who want to find a solution to this kind of problem with the handlebars.

There are many motorcyclists, for example, who have problems with comfort and while driving they have pains or discomfort in the back or   WRISTS  due to the vibrations transmitted to the handlebars.

How can these problems be solved, for example, by improving driving comfort?

Simple, with the SRT Factory handlebars, which solve the problem of vibrations making your ride more comfortable. 

Ok yes, you are wondering how they do it ...

The answer is very simple, the SRT handlebars are the only ones to be made with a particular cold bending technique, combined with a variable thickness of the metal thanks to the use of a special  high strength  aluminum alloy that helps reduce vibrations by up to 25%.

In this way, a marked improvement in driving comfort can be obtained, greatly reducing (up to 25%) vibrations.

And this result can be achieved  only and exclusively by purchasing an SRT factory handlebar.

Are you wondering why?

Simple, because we have spared no expense to make our handlebars.

In fact, we did not focus on the low price, but on the vibration problem and on how to solve this problem at any cost!

Well, maybe you may not have the vibration problem, but you may have another type of problem, in fact you may not find a riding position that suits you.

If you want to improve your riding position by making it sportier or more comfortable, you can always do it with an SRT Factory handlebar.

Ok, your question will always be the same as before ... you are wondering how ...

And you are satisfied, the answer to this problem comes from the particular folds of the SRT handlebars (low fold, medium fold, high fold) which are designed to make driving your bike more direct, more pleasant, more comfortable, enhancing the qualities of the bike.

The SRT handlebar folds are patented and are the result of over 10 years of tests, studies, modifications and adjustments, to find the perfect size and shape that can make the bike more fun to ride.

It is important to specify, however, that the term "bend" that is used to describe the handlebar is a generic term, but above all it does not indicate anything precise, if we take for example a low bend handlebar we cannot compare it to another low bend handlebar. of different brand.

They are two different products, because it is the shape of the handlebar that makes the difference, not the bend.

I understand that it may seem an unclear concept, but the handlebar fold means nothing, you may find yourself in your hand a medium fold and a low fold and comparing them you realize that the medium fold is lower than the low fold. 

Or buy a high fold convinced that it is more "comfortable" than a medium fold when in reality it could be the other way around.

For this you should ask us which handlebar is the most suitable for your bike according to the solution you want to get.

If you want to really improve the ride and the comfort of your bike you have only one choice, rely on an SRT handlebar, the best motorcycle handlebars.

The only handlebar that really solves the riding problems common to motorcyclists.

Because we have designed the SRT handlebars with specific shapes and features designed to solve driving, saddle position and comfort problems, going beyond the price of the product.

When you mount our handlebars on the bike, you must immediately realize that you have a more comfortable riding position, that you have better control of the bike, that the commands you give respond better, that the bike finally goes down as you always wanted. .

This is our goal, to enhance the pleasure of driving, improving the feeling between bike and rider.

Of course, our handlebars don't turn you into a skilled rider overnight, but it certainly helps you ride by allowing you to ride the bike more effectively than before.

You can also decide to fit a generic handlebar from a company that does not specialize in making handlebars, but which simply buys them in China and brands them with their own name, thinking they will save money.

But if you want to achieve the same results that thousands of motorcyclists have already achieved, if you want to have better control of the bike, a more comfortable riding position can only be done with the SRT Factory handlebar.


low fold motorcycle handlebar

What you get with the SRT Factory handlebar

It is natural that you are skeptical of what an SRT handlebar can do for your bike in terms of riding, if you never have one, understanding how it can improve the ride is difficult.

But I can guarantee that after you have ridden your bike with an SRT factory handlebar you will understand and experience new driving sensations, with a more direct feeling, a more reactive bike, an improved ride and more control of the bike than before.

Wouldn't you like it if your bike was able to read your mind, anticipating your moves? 

With the SRT Factory handlebar, driving is so exalted that you will feel like you are a single element with the bike, greatly improving the driving sensations.

You should know that many motorcyclists who bought our handlebars write to us saying that they were fine with their original handlebars but due to a fall they replaced it with an SRT.

This is a common condition, as many change their handlebars only out of necessity, such as after a fall.

Worst mistake could not be made.

In fact, the proof is that those who changed the handlebars due to a fall would like to thank the day when they slipped on the bike and bent the original handlebar.

If this unfortunate event hadn't happened, they would have continued to ride the bike with the original handlebar, losing all the sensations and benefits of riding with an SRT Factory handlebar.

Only after changing it (and riding the bike with the new SRT handlebar) did they realize the differences, writing us their reviews as satisfied with the handlebar as they regretted not having bought it before.


srt handlebars reviews

handlebar srt opinions

Don't make this mistake yourself, don't miss out on the best driving sensations.

See these you read above are just some of the reviews and emails that customers write to us after they have tested the bike with the new SRT Factory handlebar.

You can choose whether to be one of them, whether to improve the riding of your bike, to embellish it with a beautiful and well-maintained handlebar or to continue to stay with your old handlebar, without discovering new driving sensations.

The aesthetics of your motorcycle will change radically

So far we have talked about driving, but it is important, indeed very important to also talk about aesthetics, because the handlebar changes many times also in terms of aesthetics.

It may seem strange, but many motorcyclists change mirrors, indicators, license plate holders and then forget to change the handlebars, despite the fact that it is always visible under the nose.

The beautiful bikes are also recognized for the individual details and a beautiful handlebar enhances the aesthetics in a surprising way, especially when the handlebar has a variable section (from 28 mm).

We both know you'd like to believe the story of more quality for less price, that would be great, but sadly it's not real.

So choose: Cheaper finish or more beautiful finish?

SRT Factory handlebars are all made with a machine brushed finish, which gives a matte (brushed) appearance and eliminates bending marks.

The other dumbbells that are normally found for sale are all sandblasted, a procedure that costs less but is much more ugly to look at.

Obviously we have chosen the most beautiful that makes our handlebars more expensive but better finished, superior to the others and above all unique, since only the SRT handlebars are finished with a hand-brushed finish.

Have you ever picked up an SRT handlebar in your hand?

The bright color typical of our handlebars will surely have caught your eye.

You must know that the SRT Factory handlebar has a substantial difference compared to other handlebars, it has a high-resistance colored surface anodization, which completely covers it and ensures a long life.

You may be thinking that these features don't make a difference, but they don't.

It is precisely these details that make our handlebars unique, which make it superb and which, in addition to improving the ride, fill your eyes with pride when you look at it while you are sitting on your two wheels.

It's sad to say, but you can choose to fit low quality components, or worse, cheap Chinese junk on your bike that you may have paid € 15,000 (or more) ... or you can choose to only fit the best components.

You can choose the SRT Factory handlebar for your bike and do it yourself as thousands of satisfied riders have already done for over 10 years.


Do you still think our handlebars are expensive?

Well, I guess now the promise of quality at a low price doesn't sound as convincing as before ...

I also understand that you could compare our dumbbells to dumbbells you've seen online or on ebay or on Chinese sites or even on amazon maybe at 20/30 euros. 

Well if this is the comparison then our handlebars are certainly expensive.

But the ones you've seen are you sure they are real dumbbells?

Are you sure that they solve driving problems, improve the riding position, reduce vibrations, are aesthetically beautiful and last a long time?

Mamma mia how many questions :), if you allow I would like to suggest the answer ...

Those you see at 20/30 euros are folded pieces of aluminum.

Changing your original handlebar to a cheap "handlebar" is not a wise choice.

Unless you want to throw money away.

There are already enough "smart" who really think that dumbbells are all the same ... and in part they are also right, because all those dumbbells you find online are produced in China at very low cost (low is too simplistic).

These handlebars are bought from China, branded and then put on sale in the European market. You may even be surprised, but in all likelihood even your branded handlebar that you may have paid 50 euros could actually be a Chinese handlebar.

Ok, the fault is not yours, surely you trusted a dishonest seller, maybe you bought the used bike and the handlebar that was mounted by the old owner you found it there on your bike ...

But you can remedy it by changing it.

A wise choice, because you may find yourself with a broken handlebar like these 3 bikes you see below.

Chinese dumbbellChinese dumbbellChinese dumbbell

See, if you want to get improvements in the handling of your motorcycle and also improve its aesthetics, you should always worry about safety as well.

The handlebar is a structural element of the bike, you cannot save on the handlebar by buying the cheapest product on the market at € 35. 

This of course (I am referring to the photos with broken handlebars) is the worst case scenario and fortunately it is a rare event. 

But what most often happens, and in any case not pretty to look at, are all the other flaws of cheap handlebars, such as the finish that reveals bending marks, the low-quality material that rusts or blooms, or the coloring. which apart from being of impractical colors, tends to discolour in a very short time.

Do you know how many customers find themselves with a Chinese handlebar or bought on ebay for 30 euros, abandoned in the garage after purchase, to be replaced with a factory SRT handlebar?

These customers have thrown away 30 euros believing they are saving, buying real crap products, dangerous and above all ugly to look at.

Why instead of throwing away 30 euros doing "tests" with poor products, you don't immediately get an SRT handlebar? 

It would be the best solution, you would not waste time and money and you would end up with a nice handlebar and a more fun bike to ride.

The SRT handlebar is a top product, created for those who only want the best and I think that if you are reading these lines, you only want the best.

Well, in this case then the SRT handlebar can give it to you.

In fact, it is designed to make your bike more beautiful, comfortable and more performing, but to do this we have not chosen to save, these results have a cost.

When you give yourself an SRT handlebar you know exactly what you are buying.

If you are looking for an exclusive product with real palpable quality then you can only get a factory SRT handlebar.

Who would ever choose a cheap handlebar when they can have an SRT handlebar?

If you are still reading here I am happy for you, it means that you are a person who loves the details of his bike and is keen to have TOP products.

Surely I imagine that when you decided to buy your bike, the choice did not fall on the cheapest bike they made.

I doubt that you have written "motorcycle" on google by opening all the sales sites and looking for the cheapest bike that the market offers. 

If this is your evaluation and purchase parameter then I cannot help you, because we have chosen to make high and perceptible quality handlebars (quality that I have described to you, generic) exclusive handlebars ... and unfortunately the exclusivity is not free .

Of course, we too know how to reduce costs ... they could cut on the material, on the finish, on the anodizing, on the design, we too could create a handlebar to sell for € 19.90. 

We could also have said that it was the best handlebar in the world, at just € 19.90.

But how could we have made the best handlebar in the world for just € 19.90?

It would have been impossible.

I try to make a comparison to make the idea clearer.

The Ferrari, the car, is an icon, everyone would want a Ferrari, it is the car par excellence, it is even used to indicate when a product is the absolute best, like, if you produce a fantastic pen you could say that it is: "the Ferrari of fountain pens".

Imagine by chance finding a used Ferrari with 3000 km and 1 year of life proposed for € 9,900!

Gee, definitely with a good chance either this is a joke or a scam.

Nobody believes such a proposal.

But they all fall for quality at the best price. 

The same thing goes for those dumbbells offered at a ridiculous price and sold as products of the highest quality and value.

Ok, maybe now you are a bit disappointed because maybe you just bought a famous handlebar from a well-known brand that hasn't solved anything. You always have the same driving feelings, the same problems as before.

You might think the SRT handlebar won't change a thing either, I get that.

The problem, however, is that that handlebar you tried of that very famous brand cannot solve any problem for you, because if you are famous for making mirrors and arrows (come on, you understand which brand I am talking about ...) it does not mean that you are also capable of making handlebars, on the contrary, they probably don't know anything about handlebars because, on the other hand, it is not their field. 

Beautiful mirrors ok, excellent footpegs okay, but the handlebars are a different story.

Can you imagine if Brembo sold brake master cylinders and calipers and then started making mirrors and license plate holders! 

It would not be credible.

And I guess you would never even buy a Pirelli-branded master cylinder for example. Very good at making tires, but certainly not specialized in brake pumps.

The same goes for motorcycle handlebars.

If you want the Ferrari of the handlebars you have to go only to those who make handlebars and we have been doing this only for over 10 years.

If you want a handlebar that lasts over time, made and finished with care in the smallest details, designed to improve the riding of the bike, to make it more fun, made by a company with 10 years of studies and tests dedicated solely to the handlebar behind it

then you only have one choice to make:


You know, we will also be categorical, but customers who want junk are not for us,  we leave those all to the competition.

We have respect for the bike and the SRT factory handlebars are designed to improve it, not make it worse.

Each of our handlebars is born with this goal!

Seeing low quality components on a € 10,000 / € 15,000 or more motorcycle is really sad and deplorable ...

Those who really know about motorcycles immediately recognize the high-level components and a bike "embellished" with 4-penny aftermarket parts yes sees immediately.

Just go to FB to see photos with tons of euros spent in vain to ruin the bike with shit bought in China, thinking as well to improve it and make a good impression.

Remember that Rolex enthusiasts recognize fake ones ... and motorcycle enthusiasts recognize fake accessories.

Don't waste money on ruining your bike.

If you think no one would do it wrong .... find out

How to spoil the aesthetics of the bike by spending a lot of money

discolored anodization

Did you see this picture above?

This is a classic example of what happens when you install cheap aftermarket components.

Obviously I am not referring to the handlebars but to the risers.

In the photo you can see the riser and handlebar which were purchased and fitted in the same period.

Both initially black in color, after only one season (a few months) the risers began to lose color.

These risers are economically  anodized  , with a bath that went "shallow" and the color didn't last for more than a few months.

This process, faster and less expensive, allows to save on anodizing costs of about 50/60% by reducing the final costs of the product.

And here's a way to save.

But you who are the final customer do not know these procedures, you do not see this difference on an online photo (maybe not of the real product).

The result is that after a few months the pieces turn brown (in the case of black).

You spend money, you assemble the products and after a few months they turn brown and you find yourself forced to spend another 40 euros to anodize the risers again if you want to get them back black.

Nice savings eh! A no wait ... in doing so the risers that initially seemed so cheap have come to cost triple!

As you can see, however, the SRT Factory handlebar has no problem, it remained black like the first day and will remain black for many years without discolouring.

No expense spared, the SRT handlebar isn't the cheapest, it's the best!

Of course, those who sell you a 30/35 euro handlebar cannot give you an anodization that lasts for years, because it would not be able to stay within the costs, but this is not told to you during the purchase.

Once you have bought it, in a year or two, when the handlebar is discolored or rusty they will surely no longer answer you for any complaints.

Do you want to do two calculations? Just like that to better understand what is proposed around you.

Imagine a handlebar sold for 30 euros including shipping, which you may find on ebay or on a website of some retailer.

In practice, on these 30 euros you pay there are 8 euros for shipping + 6 euros for VAT, to which you have to add the retailer's earnings, the wholesaler's earnings or the company that pretends it to be his own and probably the earnings of the Chinese who do it. produced.

Only VAT and shipping are 14 euros, 30-14 = 16 €.

Of the € 16 left over at least € 3 or € 4, the dealer takes it, it means that your handlebar definitely costs less than € 12.

Maybe it's not very clear ... you are buying a handlebar for less than 12 euros passed off as a quality handlebar.

Only the packing of the SRT handlebars costs € 2.50!

Our packaging costs one fifth of the handlebars which they pass you off as fantastic.

Maybe we are stupid who want to give you a phenomenal product and we pay € 2.50 to protect it inside our cardboard box with a bubble wrap envelope that prevents the courier banging it left and right from delivering it ruined.

We are motorcyclists and we love motorcycles and if you also love your motorbike and want to embellish it, improve it and enjoy it, do not take cheap products and handlebars, choose only the best, choose an SRT Factory handlebar.

Saving money on this product is not a smart choice, when you will see that the red color is actually a faded reddish tending towards pink, that the blue instead of being a nice "full" metallic blue is actually a dull blue, or that gold is not at all "loaded" like gold on your forks, but it is practically bronze that will discolour after 4 washes, we just have to tell you "I told you so" ...

The problem that these pseudo sellers they will continue to sell shit (forgive the term) to motorcyclists until someone falls for it.

Isn't it cool to write and admit you threw 40 euros away for a crappy handlebar that makes your shiny new bike look like a tuning motorcycle you see on the streets of bangkok.

If you don't want to waste your money, immediately choose the best handlebar for your motorcycle that improves aesthetics and driving performance and comfort.




The SRT factory ergal handlebars are homologated, available low bend, medium bend, high bend, 22 mm or 28 mm with variable section.

For you and your bike, choose only the best, SRT factory, the only company specializing in handlebars for over 10 years


If you are still undecided I suggest you read the


You have the opportunity to try the handlebar considered by many to be the best ergal handlebar ever.

You can finally ride your bike more effectively by improving your ride and riding position.

Do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of the FREE shipping today, you will save the transport costs that we give you and you will have the opportunity to permanently improve your bike.

variable section handlebar