Ducati Monster conversion kit for semi-handlebars 1100

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Ducati Monster 1100, 796, 696 handlebar conversion kit

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Ducati Monster 1100, 796, 696 handlebar conversion kit

Mounting the handlebars on your Ducati Monster is possible with this handlebar-to-handlebar cover kit specifically designed for

Ducati Monster 1100, 796, 696

Our conversion kits are easily mounted on the original motorcycle, and are useful for varying the driving position of your bike.

SRT handlebar / half-handlebar conversion kits have been developed to solve the needs of motorcyclists.

kit conversione manubrio semimanubri Ducati Monster

A simple and safe modification

Switching from the handlebar to the handlebar or vice versa is not a simple change as you might think, many to save simply mount the handlebars on the fork, perhaps leaving exposed risers that many times are integrated on the plate and could be dangerous as well as ugly, others on the other hand, the forks slide out to be able to glue the half-handlebars, but this involves a modification of the bike's cycling dimensions, which can make the bike driving worse.

Many times, in order not to slide the forks, mount the handlebars under the fork, lowering the guide too much.

On the other hand, those who use the handlebars on sports motorbikes often pit the original plate to save money, but do not realize that the original plate being melted many times presents in the area that is pierced, the "ribs" that serve to make it more rigid and resist the stresses. So piercing the original pistra is not always an excellent solution, especially if you then want to restore the bike to resell it.

These are the main mistakes that commit the people who want to save money on this change from the handlebars to the handlebars or the handlebars to the handlebars.

All SRT conversion kits, on the other hand, are designed to allow this modification to be made in complete safety and maintaining the original dimensions and fork position as per the parent. This avoids the need to change the cycling dimensions to adapt the kit assembly.

The SRT conversion kits are all TUV approved.

SRT handlebar conversion fork plates

The fork plate we manufacture is TUV approved and designed specifically for the bike on which it will be mounted, the structure is made of 3D to ensure maximum safety.

The processing is carried out by latest generation numerical control machines, made entirely of ergal 7075, the most expensive and resistant aluminum alloy.

The finish is made of hard anodizing that resists weather and atmospheric agents, with a black color.

What the kit includes

The conversion kit from Handlebars a semi-handlebars specific for Ducati Monster 1100, 796, 696, includes:

- The upper plate machined from ergal 7075, with gull wings

- The semi-handlebars made from solid 7075 ergal specific for our fork plate, 50 mm for showa or 53 mm for ohlins


The handlebar-to-handlebar coversion kit is designed and specific for Ducati Monster:

Monster 1100
Monster 796
Monster 696

WARNING, this kit does not fit on the Monster with a small steering tube.

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Ducati Monster conversion kit for semi-handlebars 1100

Ducati Monster conversion kit for semi-handlebars 1100

Ducati Monster 1100, 796, 696 handlebar conversion kit