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T-max handlebar kit

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523,00 €

523,00 € per kit

Kit manubrio T-max 500 530

T-max 500 530 handlebar kit

SRT factory handlebar kit created to improve the ride and the aesthetics of the T max.

A kit that allows you to make an important upgrade in the performance and aesthetics of the t-max.

With this kit it is in fact possible to install the SRT STREET BAR variable section handlebar, thus passing from 22 original to 22/28 mm SRT factory.

The STREET BAR SRT handlebar helps to improve driving precision and the position of the wrists and hands, allowing you to obtain a more precise and dynamic guide of the T-max.

The change to 28 mm also helps reduce vibrations transmitted to the hands, improving driving comfort.

A completely different aesthetic result, with the visible handlebar and the variable section (thicker handlebar) the aesthetics of your t-max will take it a step further.

A kit that really changes the character of this scooter making it more racing and sporty.

A simple and safe modification

Assembling this conversion kit is very simple. Just remove the handlebar cover and the original handlebar and mount the SRT kit with the new handlebar.

The kit is fixed with the screws provided, directly to the base of the plate, in place of the original handlebar.

The area below will be covered by the plate supplied to avoid the view of the cables and pipes, which will have a special seat to be able to pass from the hull to the various controls.

The SRT handlebar will be installed directly on the new risers.

The controls, knobs and hoses do not need to be replaced.

What the kit includes

The SRT handlebar conversion kit for T-max includes:

- HANDLEBAR STREET BAR with variable section

- Specific PLATE for T-MAX

- SRT FACTORY RISER machined from solid and raised


The conversion kit is anodized in black to match the t-max fairings.

Handlebar and counterweights can be chosen with the color of your choice, of your choice.


The SRT conversion kit to install the variable section handlebar on the t-max is compatible with the versions:
YAMAHA TMAX500 2008-2012

YAMAHA TMAX530 2012 onwards

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Handlebar t-max

Handlebar t-max

T-max handlebar kit