Srt and the environment

The world in which we live is very delicate and man is impacting the environment in an increasingly heavy.

Working in the light metallurgy sector, we are trying in our small way to impact as little as possible on the environmental dynamics. We are certainly entrepreneurs, but we also try to respect the environment that hosts us.

What do we do to reduce pollution?

- let's intervene where we can on the workings

- we collaborate with certified partners that respect environmental standards

- reduce waste to the maximum

- we reduce the final packaging

Works interventions

We can not intervene directly on the production of the raw material, but we can intervene on the processing phases.

We try to avoid any kind of waste, from the waste material that is reused to the lubricants for cooling the machines, where possible, ecological.

Unfortunately, some processes require the use of chemistry and we can not avoid a different impact, but we try to select the companies we work with as a common goal to use new technologies to improve the situation.

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We reduce the final packaging

The so-called packing that has depopulated so much in recent years is being revised by both companies and customers, who are increasingly realizing that the cost of this "surplus" falls on their pockets, which is used to "increase the value of a product "embellishing the package. This is tantamount to literally throwing money into the trash.

SRT Factory does not believe in colored boxes full of cardboard and plastic to give more (pseudo) value to the product.

We look after the substance !!

Today, customers are increasingly more attentive to costs and above all to the environment, and it is easy to realize that packaging or packaging of a certain type does not make any sense today.

Particularly in online sales direct to the customer, where the object in practice must only be well protected during transport.

By now, with the advent of online sales, the product on the shelf is no longer visible, as in the past, where a flashy package attracted the customer. Consequently, valuable, expensive and high environmental impact packaging is useless.

We believe in simple packages, which protect the product during storage and shipping, but which are neither expensive nor polluting.

We have worked to find recycled and recyclable packaging materials that are simple and only have a temporary role to protect the product from point A to point B.

We sincerely hope that our choice is also your choice.

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