Motorcycle counterweights what they are for

If you are wondering what are the counterweights of the bike then this mini guide is for you.

There is a lot of confusion about these products online; in fact you can find them under different definitions, such as  handlebar stabilizers or handlebar weights,  and most people are convinced that they are used to "stabilize the bike" or for some other anti-vibration effect on the handlebars.

There are even those who decide to mount  heavier counterweights  convinced to reduce vibrations.

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Changing the counterweights will never solve the problem of vibrations.

In fact, in Italy these accessories are called counterweights, but in the rest of Europe they are called more or less always in the same way, that is, handlebar plugs or handlebar ends as the real function of this accessory is purely aesthetic.

The reality of motorcycle counterweights

The reality of motorcycle counterweights is very different from how you imagine it or how it has spread online.

The common belief that they serve to "stabilize the handlebars" is incorrect and we will soon understand why, in the meantime I mention that: 

- not all motorcycles have counterweights.

- if you try to ride the bike without counterweights you will find that the vibrations do not change.

- in the aftermarket catalog of the manufacturers there is the "more expensive" version compared to the original counterweights and it is made of aluminum and not iron, therefore lighter.

We will analyze these points shortly, but I would like to point out that those looking for heavy handlebar counterweights, not only make a mistake by spending money ultimately, but will further worsen the vibrations.

Let's find out why

motorcycle counterweights

Not all motorcycles have counterweights

Some series motorcycles do not mount counterweights, this is because for example they mount other accessories, such as the mirrors at the end of the handlebars, or the hand guards.

Those who mount mirrors at the end of the handlebars or hand guards should perceive different vibrations since they do not have counterweights.

However, this does not happen, at most those who mount handlebar end mirrors could experience greater vibrations, as the weight supported at the end of the handlebar further accentuates the vibrations instead of reducing them.

Even sports bikes often do not have counterweights which are replaced by  PARALEVA  . 

So in these particular cases the handlebar counterweight has been replaced by another element that has the same function, that is to finish the final part of the handlebar without leaving an unsightly hole.

handlebar lever protection

If you try to ride the bike without counterweights you will find that the vibrations do not change

Have you ever done this test? If the answer is no, then I recommend that you try to do it, you will be very amazed at the result, you will notice that the vibrations will not change at all, or if you are particularly lucky the vibrations may even decrease.

In fact, the "counterweights" do not actually have the function of reducing vibrations, but are used to plug the handlebars and improve the aesthetics of the bike. 

Indeed, counterweights that are too heavy, such as those of some motorcycles, can even worsen the situation by accentuating the vibrations transmitted to the hands.

If you don't believe it, try to ride the bike without counterweights and check the differences yourself.

The fact that standard counterweights are heavy is due to production costs, using iron counterweights has a lower cost than aluminum, with the drawback that iron counterweights are heavier.

Obviously it is convenient to suggest that heavy counterweights have an anti-vibration function in order to better justify a "worse" product.

In the aftermarket catalog of the manufacturers there is the "more expensive" version compared to the original counterweights, made of aluminum and lighter.

If you browse a "power parts" catalog of any motorcycle brand, you will find a section dedicated to "ergal parts". 

In fact, almost all the houses offer for a fee, as an upgrade and improvement, aluminum counterweights, more beautiful and colorful than the original model.

These counterweights are lighter than the original counterweights, as they are made of aluminum and not iron like the stock counterweights.

For this reason the standard counterweights are heavy, because the metal used is less "noble" and heavier.

The choice of heavy counterweights is not dictated by a team of engineers who studied the weight per gram to "crush" the vibrations from the handlebar, but more simply by the production costs, which can be satisfied with iron counterweights, heavier and more cheap.

And if the customer decides to spend more, the house can easily mount a more beautiful and lighter aluminum counterweight as a "separate accessory", without the vibrations increasing minimally.

In fact, lighter counterweights may even reduce vibrations, creating less wobble due to the weight at the ends of the handlebars.

heavy motorcycle counterweights

From counterweights to handlebar plugs

This guide comes from the fact that many customers ask us for counterweights of the weight that is close to the original ones, thinking that it is the weight that affects the guide or the vibrations, but the reality is that the counterweights are nothing more than simple plugs for handlebar with decorative function.

This is why we at SRT Factory create aesthetically beautiful motorcycle counterweights, finished with in-depth anodization that lasts for many years without discolouring.


If you think that heavy counterweights are useful, we recommend that you try your bike without counterweights, in this way you will realize directly that the vibrations do not increase, but rather can decrease.

And if you want to improve the appearance of your bike by eliminating the old and poor quality hardware fitted as standard on your bike, you can do so by choosing the  SRT Factory counterweights.

Unfortunately you must know that the standard counterweights, trivial and ugly, that you find mounted on motorcycles (any motorbike) were chosen by the manufacturer for one reason only: they are CHEAP!

With a very low cost you can choose to improve your bike with SRT Factory counterweights, compatible with any handlebar.

motorcycle stabilizers

Why you should choose our counterweights

There are really many counterweights on the market, many are offered for less than 5 euros.

After all, counterweights are not safety components right?

But have you ever wondered what happens if you lose a counterweight at 160 km / h? 

Surely if you have someone behind you they will not be happy to receive a 50g bullet on you.

The SRT factory handlebar caps are supplied with a special expansion mounting kit, which once fixed inside the handlebar, after a few days, literally sticks to the handlebar, preventing its extraction, this process takes place thanks to the  special rubber  of our knobs. expansion, which reacts with the metal of the handlebar.

This, in addition to making our counterweight safe, also avoids theft when the motorcycle is parked, which is not entirely rare today, on the contrary ...

These are details, but our products are studied and improved at each production cycle, collecting customer feedback. and improving the product.

But that's not the only reason you should choose a factory SRT handlebar cap set

In fact, it is the quality and the attention we pay to the aesthetic anodizing treatment that really makes the difference.

On the other hand, this accessory changes its aesthetics and must be flawless in this respect, otherwise it would make no sense to change counterweights with a Chinese model that is noticeable that it is cheap. 

I think no one would worsen their bike voluntarily with 2-penny Chinese junk ...

In fact our handlebar caps are finished with bright, unique colors, and only the cost of anodizing exceeds the price of some counterweights that you find on Chinese sites or on ebay .

Why this? Because our anodizing treatment is very expensive.

While we may save on this treatment and sell our counterweights at a lower price, we don't.

The internet is full of poor products for those who cannot spend, we do not want to add more.

If you want to have SRT counterweights you must be willing to pay the price that they are worth (a lot) because in addition to being unique (our KR3 model is a completely customizable counterweight), they are made with finishes that last for years. In fact, our counterweights do not fade or oxidize and are not for all motorcyclists.

If you are looking for a counterweight that remains beautiful and shiny, with "vivid" and bright colors even after several years of assembly, then our counterweights are for you.

Unfortunately if you have never had our ergal accessories you cannot understand what we are talking about, but if you want to test us you can do it by choosing a set of SRT Factory handlebar caps, we will be honored to amaze you.


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