Ergal motorcycle grips

Don't just call them knobs!

The  SRT ergal EVO1 grips  are one of our best-selling products, we have been making them for almost 10 years and by now we have all copied the knob model.

For us it is a source of pride, because the Chinese SRT EVO1-like knobs are sold at 1/4 of the price.

But do you know why they cost 1/4 of ours? Because they are worth 1/4!

The  SRT EVO1 ergal grips  are made with obsessive care.

You must know that it took us 4 years to figure out which type of rubber to use for our grips!

After numerous tests we found a   correct compound , not too hard to filter out vibrations, but not too soft to wear out quickly.

ergal motorcycle grips

Years of testing to find the right mix.

SRT grips now have decent durability but remain soft enough to relieve tingling and vibrations transmitted to the handlebars.

The coloring through  anodizing  that we apply is very thick and lasts for many km overcoming the test of time.

Cheap clones fade and wear out after a very short time.

Those who understand accessories immediately recognize a component made in China, even from a distance, because the colors are faded and not very bright, the red is pale pink, the blue a dull blue, the black becomes brown after 3 times it takes the sun.

Our grips, on the other hand, remain beautiful even after 6 years and 35,000 km. Why these precise numbers?

Well read this testimony that you find below and you will understand 

srt factory opinions

The Chinese make thousands of components without testing one, we only make 1 excellent product that lasts thousands of KM, and on which we place the utmost care and attention!

The SRT knobs are universal and mount it on  the handlebars  from 28 mm to 22 mm handlebar or on handlebars. 

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