Motorcycle handlebar vibrations?

Find out how to eliminate and resolve vibrations on the motorcycle handlebar

One of the biggest problems that motorcyclists ask us to solve are the vibrations transmitted to the hands through the handlebars.

When these are very evident, you lose a lot of driving comfort and tire easily, finding your hands sore after a short time.

This excess of vibrations can be caused by many factors, some for example may be:

- non-optimal engine balance

- frame too rigid

- oval tires

- lack of silent-blocks

Obviously we have not listed other factors due to poor maintenance, such as for example worn wheel bearings or suspensions in poor condition assuming that these aspects are taken care of.

Generally modern motorcycles are very well designed and the comfort is excellent compared to the motorcycles of 30 years ago, but however a transmission of vibrations is still very present and despite the fact that the houses have made great strides in this sense on some motorcycles the problem is quite a lot. accentuated by various factors.

In particular, vibrations become more evident on large-displacement twin-cylinder engines or single-cylinder engines.

Although modern engines are very well balanced, some vibrations cannot be eliminated, especially those at low frequencies which are also the most annoying.

If you are thinking that the problem can be solved by changing the motorcycle counterweights, I suggest you read   THIS ARTICLE   about it.

Or by continuing to read you will discover the real way to reduce vibrations on your motorcycle ...

motorcycle handlebar vibrations

How can vibrations be reduced

Over the years we have read and heard every possible home remedy to reduce handlebar vibration, but the reality is that there are only 2 solutions unless you want to redesign your bike from scratch.

The first is to place a "filter" between the rider's hands and the handlebar, and here comes a good pair of gloves, and   GRIPS   that help absorb vibrations.

In this way, the annoyance is already greatly alleviated.

The second method, which is also the most effective method is to mount an   SRT Factory handlebar.

In fact, our special motorcycle handlebars are designed to reduce the vibrations transmitted to the rider.

There are no other solutions that really work, so if you want to fix this, stop wasting any more time and money.

In fact, our handlebars are designed and patented to absorb most of the vibrations that your handlebar cannot absorb.

Are you wondering how?

The SRT factory handlebars are made with a special high-strength aluminum alloy which, compared to the original steel handlebar, absorbs vibrations up to 25% more.

The ergal 7075 , which is the material with which our handlebars are made, is more "mellow" and less elastic than steel, its composition naturally absorbs a lot of vibrations.

We decided to use ergal 7075 as a material for our handlebars (although it costs a lot) because it is a very high-strength aluminum alloy, for the SRT factory handlebars we use only the best materials, no expense spared, in this way you will have a safe handlebars that dampen vibrations.

If you have already changed the handlebar or you think that the SRT handlebars are the same as other handlebars on the market, or the original handlebar I suggest you read  THIS ARTICLE

Many may believe at this point that any aftermarket aluminum handlebar solves and reduces vibrations. But is not so!

Only the SRT Factory handlebars are made with our cold bending technique with differentiated thickness (you can read more below) which reduces the vibrations transmitted to the handlebar.

And that is why if you have already changed handlebars with another from the competition and you have not solved the problem, you will be struggling to believe our words.

In fact, the handlebars are not all the same, we are the only company specializing in ergal handlebars that solve driving problems, and only with our handlebars can you truly solve the problems related to driving and reduce the vibrations transmitted to the hands.

handlebar reduce vibration

But it's not just the material that reduces vibrations

I manubri SRT hanno una caratteristica unica che si trova solo sui nostri manubri, sono realizzati attraverso un trattamento speciale di piegatura a freddo unita allo spessore variabile del materiale, studiato per assorbire le vibrazioni nei punti di maggior criticità.

In particolare il nostro manubrio a sezione variabile, spessorato nel punto di piega, riduce incredibilmente le vibrazioni trasmesse al manubrio.

Se vuoi risolvere definitivamente il problema delle vibrazioni alle mani, godendoti la tua moto senza affaticare i polsi e sentire strani formicolii alle mani, puoi farlo solamente con un manubrio SRT factory.

Migliora il comfort della tua moto come hanno fatto già tanti altri motociclisti prima di te.


motorcycle handlebar vibrations

With the SRT Factory handlebar you have the opportunity to improve the ride of your bike as well as eliminate the vibrations that sore hands and arms.

In addition to reducing vibrations, in fact, with the SRT handlebar you will improve the riding position and the aesthetics of your bike thanks to the anodized colors of our handlebars.

So with just one component you will be able to get all 3 of these results.

- reduce vibrations

- improve driving

- improve aesthetics