How much does a motorcycle handlebar cost?

If you are wondering how much a motorcycle handlebar costs, here you will find your answer.

The cost of a motorcycle handlebar is very variable and depends exclusively on its quality. At the extremes we find motorcycle handlebars from around €20/25 for super-cheap models, up to over €350 for the purchase of original  OEM spare parts .

The average cost of a motorcycle handlebar is between €50 and €150.

how much does the handlebar of a motorcycle cost

Be careful not to go for extreme savings on motorcycle handlebars. The handlebar is in fact a structural component of the bike, and wanting to save money on this accessory is not a recommended choice.

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In general, an excessively cheap handlebar is absolutely to be avoided, especially for safety reasons.

While spending 200/300 or more euros for the original spare part makes little sense, given that the standard handlebar often has a medium-low quality but is offered as a spare part at exorbitant prices.

Better to choose extremely high quality dumbbells, with a cost appropriate to the type of product. Reminding you that the handlebar is a safety element of the motorcycle, which affects riding and comfort. For this you have to rely on experts in motorcycle handlebars.