How to fold in bike

Making a nice turn with the bike is one of the most beautiful experiences of riding, the search for the perfect curve, the winding road to brush with your bike is the spirit that aggravates most motorcyclists, or at least you, who are a passionate about 2 wheels.

Understanding  how to turn a motorcycle on the road  is a pleasure shared by all bikers who love folds on a motorcycle, and to do it in the best possible way you need exercise and experience, there is no doubt about this.

The more kilometers you have behind you, the more you learn to slide the bike under you, to understand the entry and exit speeds of the curve, how to dose the gas, when is the right time to open and when to brake.

A wonderful game of balance and sensitivity that leads you to enhance driving.

But you need to know that after you learn how to fold on the bike, at some point you can get some big improvements with a little help

like folding in motion
If you are wondering why you can't get the most out of your bike and want to understand how to lean more on the bike, there is a solution to take a step forward and greatly improve the handling of your bike.

Given that you cannot expect to touch your knee to the ground after a week and in any case experience remains essential to understand driving or how to fold in a motorcycle, the fact is that at some point, after you have become familiar with driving, you can take a quantum leap and start to REALLY ride your bike with the help of an essential accessory.

You know, among the many questions that bikers ask us every day, often and willingly, motorcyclists encounter problems of this type:

- I can't fold in motion, how can I improve?

- I am afraid of folding in motion, can I eliminate the driving uncertainty?

- are there any tricks for folding in motion?

These are some of the typical questions we often get and if you are also experiencing similar problems you should know that you are not alone.

It has happened to everyone to switch from one bike to another and no longer find themselves riding, it's a very normal thing.

How much time do the riders spend testing the bikes to find the right set-up? Most of the time!

Of course, they push them to the limit, but nevertheless, before doing so they find their perfect set-up to express their performances to the maximum according to THEIR PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS.

And it is precisely on this sentence that I want you to reason, in fact their personal characteristics are different.

You may remember when, in 2012,  Valentino Rossilanded in Ducati, he should have won everything! It was the perfect combination, Ducati + Rossi, the red and the reds.

Surely you remember how it ended ... the darkest period of Rossi's career was defined, in Ducati he did not win anything, the cause was to be considered in the bike, which did not allow it to be ridden in a way that was up to other.

Well Stoner, on the other hand, was among the very few (if not the only one) that I managed to win with the same Ducati that Rossi couldn't ride well.

Now I do not intend to open a debate on who is the best rider, the best bike or whatever, but the point is that riding the bike is a very personal thing and to make it perform at 100% you have to adapt it to your needs.
I can't fold in motion

If you ask yourself how to improve the handlebar on the bike, there is a solution that no one has ever told you until now

Well the answer is simpler than you might think ...
You simply have a handlebar unsuitable for driving!

A typical mistake of motorcyclists is precisely to think that the stock handlebar is the right one for the bike, to assume that the original handlebar is the ideal handlebar for the bike since the house has chosen it to mount it as standard.

But this is a fallacious reasoning that we have already explained and if you think we are wrong or you do not believe it I recommend that you go and read  THIS ARTICLE , but not now, first finish reading this ...

Unfortunately, if you don't find the right feeling with your bike, most of the time the problem is ONLY 1, the wrong handlebar.

The handlebar is in fact the first extension of the body that allows you to drive your bike correctly.

You don't need "good" tires or better suspensions if you don't first intervene on the main control of your bike, on the handlebars.


You see, you could really improve the handling of your bike with extreme ease, as did Luca who can say that he made the best purchase he could make for his bike.


"Two weeks ago I bought the 22mm handlebar black medium bend for my bike a Ducati Monster 821 because with the original I was badly too loaded forward so uncomfortable, now after two weeks I can say having made the best purchase I could make for my bike, a whole other world, now after many km I get off the bike relaxed. I recommend it because in addition to comfort and very well finished. "
fear of folding in motion
Or you could also finally improve the driving of your bike like Fabrizio did.



"With the SRT handlebar I definitely improved that uncertainty in riding, I'm fully satisfied, now the bike is much more agile.
Thanks again for the support"
tricks for folding in motion

Wouldn't it be great if you could say that about your bike too?

I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but personally it has happened to me several times that I ride a motorcycle and I don't feel comfortable riding it, the bike did what it wanted, entering the bend the handlebars took on a life of its own, forcing me to correct its movements.

The right feeling was literally missing.

Ok, I'm not saying it was undriveable, but surely more could have been achieved with the same bike with some adjustments.

I've tried a lot of bikes, and that's why in the end I decided to build a bike by "sewing" it around me.

The result is that I now have a motorcycle that can be driven with eyes closed, as precise as a razor in the hands of a good barber.

When I happen to ride other bikes, however, I always notice more or less marked defects in driving, some deficiencies ...

Obviously I notice them because I get off a phenomenal bike to get on a production bike, in most cases original, or however with minor modifications, such as mirrors, arrows and license plate holders, which absolutely do not serve to improve driving.

Because unfortunately the average motorcyclist stops at that type of changes, those for which the minutes are taken, and for heaven's sake, aesthetics are important, some license plate holders and certain arrows are hallucinating, I realize, but spend a little money to improve riding is an option that every good rider should consider.

Unfortunately, I rarely find motorcycles with serious modifications, which allow you to have a fun and agile toy between your legs, a real motorcycle.

To do this, I admit that the handlebar alone is not enough, we must also work on other components.

But it is also true that the handlebar can do much, much more than you think.

The handlebar is the first extension of our body while riding, it is a fundamental command, perhaps the most important you have on the bike

And that's why, first of all, to improve the ride, to improve the lean of the bike by managing to turn better, you have to start from the handlebars.

It makes no sense to have excellent suspension and then find yourself with a handlebar that does not allow you to have a position in the saddle, a position of the arms and wrists that does not allow you to govern your bike.

Before starting to improve the chassis you have to start from the handlebar which is the basis of everything.

You need a handlebar that can enhance driving performance, a handlebar that "connects" to the front wheel.

To keep it simple, if you have a wrong handlebar it's a bit like having a bespoke suit made by a talented and famous tailor, but saving on fabric.

The final work will never be excellent, despite the tailor's experience and skill.

The handlebar is the fabric of your dress, the basis of everything, and that's why you can't save but you have to choose a handlebar that enhances the qualities of your bike, allowing you to fully savor any changes you will make, even if you are a good one. and experienced motorcycle racer.

If you want to have more confidence on the front, a more dynamic ride, if you want to improve your bike leans having a better perception of the front you can do it in a simple and economical way by replacing the stock handlebar with a Factory SRT.

This is the first step that every motorcyclist who wants to improve the riding of his bike must take.

And that's why you should choose to fit a handlebar that can do all of this for you.

A handlebar born and developed to improve riding.
fold in motion

SRT Factory is the only company specializing in the production of handlebars for naked bikes, designed to really improve riding

While the other companies concentrate their energies by making hundreds of different products, we have a single mission, a single goal, a single specialization, to make handlebars to improve the riding of your bike.

SRT is the only company specializing in the production of handlebars for naked, only by remaining firm on one goal we were able to obtain a handlebar that could help motorcyclists to improve the riding of their bike.

Our handlebar is the result of over 10 years of research and development to create the first and only handlebar that improves the handling of the bike, making it easier to handle and more dynamic.

If you want to really get riding changes like those obtained by other riders before you, changes like the ones you read in these testimonials, you can only do it with an SRT handlebar, the only handlebar that really improves the ride of your bike.