Motorcycle, comfortable riding position

The Handlebar and the riding position

I want to deepen a topic to which we now respond every day.

In fact, one of the most common problems of the handlebars concerns the discomfort, underestimated and suffered by many.

The thing that makes less sense is that you always wait too long before doing something, or that having a different handlebar won't solve the problem.

The reality is that a few euros are enough to stop suffering and start being more comfortable on your bike.


Simply by mounting an SRT handlebar.

For example, today we received these two questions from two motorcyclists:


"I have a kawasaki z 1000 from 2013 and after 20/25 km I lose sensitivity with tingling of the right hand in particular especially in two, the left accuses much less even in two. What handlebar do you recommend? I would also like to do some 200 / 250 km. Thank you. "


"Hi, my problem is that the driving is uncomfortable I have all the weight loaded on my wrists and when I have the passenger the problem becomes very accentuated, in my opinion raising the handlebar and changing it or putting the higher risers would solve the problem, obviously the solution is up to you" .


These are just 2 of the emails we receive every day to improve the uncomfortable riding position of the bike.

motorcycle, comfortable riding position

The basic problem is only 1

To think that the original handlebar (or a Chinese aftermarket handlebar, sold at a high price after having affixed a famous brand) will fit your motorcycle.

The parent company is too trusted. Some motorcyclists are even convinced that what the parent companies mount is the best there can be.


Only a fanatic would have his eyes closed so as not to notice that there are 10 times more aftermarket products.

The original handlebars, for example, are chosen for the price, not because they are beautiful, not because they are comfortable, not because they are suitable, but because they are cheap.

We too have been contacted several times by some manufacturers to make the original handlebars.

Too bad that the conditions for making these handlebars were absurd.

We prefer to leave this kind of supply to China or to others and focus on a superior product, which today is the only real alternative to the original and aftermarket handlebars if you want to improve the riding of the bike.

No company has ever really focused on the handlebar and how it affects the ride (position and feel).

SRT has made the handlebars its main selling point, concentrating all company resources on this accessory.

We are the only company specializing in motorcycle handlebars

If you also have driving problems such as

- loss of sensitivity

- tingling in the hands

- weight loaded on the wrists just

like many motorcyclists, the ideal solution is the SRT handlebar.

There is no point in waiting any longer, there is no point in continuing to ride your uncomfortable bike.

Also because let's face it, it will certainly not be the price of a full tank of petrol that does not allow you to enjoy the bike.

It will be that small expense that will make you stop having trouble while driving.

Why give up living peacefully on the bike and persist in not changing the handlebars?

What on earth can stop you from making this change?

Perhaps you have the doubt that nothing changes compared to the original handlebar, or perhaps you have already made this modification and are always in the same situation.

Of course, if you think that by buying another handlebar you will have the same results as an SRT handlebar you will always remain stuck in the usual problems, your confidence will falter and the belief that the handlebar cannot help you will be stronger and it will be more and more difficult for you to take the step. decisive to stop being in this situation and start enjoying your bike 100%.
comfortable position with the SRT handlebar

The problem is you've never fitted an SRT handlebar.

I will try to repeat it, the original handlebar or any handlebar is not like having an SRT handlebar.

Would you ever compare an apple and a pear?

They are two different fruits even if they look similar.

Why do you do it with dumbbells then?

SRT handlebars are designed to achieve tangible riding results. While competitive handlebars are simply not meant to be.

They are bought in China, branded and sold at 10 times their value.

Start enjoying your motorcycle today and stop having trouble driving.