Pain after a motorcycle ride?

If you also have pains in your back, right wrist, tingling in your hands after a ride on a motorcycle, this article is for you.

Let's find out the causes and how to solve the problem definitively.

Pain after a ride on a motorcycle is more and more common, although modern motorcycles have made great strides, still many motorcycles cause various pains to their riders.

Sometimes it is not a question of real pain, but also only aching in the wrists and back, or tingling in the hands, typical when you "fall asleep" your hands in motion.

All these problems have two simple causes (with the exception of pathologies that we do not deal with here) the position in the saddle and the  vibrations  transmitted from the engine to the hands.

Taking a nice ride on a motorbike, among the beautiful mountain passes of the Alps or the Dolomites, or among the Tuscan hills, or on the Mediterranean coast cannot be described, is a wonderful sensation that inebriates you just at the thought.

But unfortunately sometimes the memory is clouded by annoying "pains" here and there, which also pervade on Mondays at work and which force you to give up some too long laps.

How can you improve the situation in these cases?

Well, all this can be eliminated or otherwise significantly improved through a simple accessory, the SRT Factory handlebar.

I know it seems too simple a solution and too good a promise to keep, but by continuing to read you will understand that what we are offering you is the real solution to your problems.

We have written several guides about it and I recommend you go and see them by  CLICKING HERE , but first read more what I have to tell you.

pain after ride on a motorcycle

The SRT Factory handlebar is your ally to defeat pain after a ride on the bike, pain in the wrists and back, tingling in the hands.

For years SRT Factory has specialized in the production of handlebars for motorcycles, with the aim of making handlebars that allow them to improve the handling of the motorcycle.

But we immediately understood that in addition to driving, it was also necessary to intervene on the position in the saddle and on comfort.

In fact, motorcyclists increasingly have the need to improve the position in the saddle to be able to ride better, both in practical terms and in terms of comfort.

And that's why we have developed a line of dumbbells with shapes designed to achieve these results.

If in your life as a motorcyclist you have tried to change handlebars and you have never obtained results in terms of riding and comfort, it is because you have never fitted an SRT Factory handlebar.

In fact, the common mistake that many make is to mount a generic handlebar, a handlebar branded by those who make generic ergal accessories.

But now you have the opportunity to mount a real handlebar, made by the only company expert in motorcycle handlebars. In fact, you will discover that the SRT handlebar is unique in shape and characteristics, and even if to an inexperienced eye the handlebar seems a simple object, reality teaches that it is not so.

How the SRT factory handlebar solves comfort problems

If you have pain after or while riding the bike, but also only aching wrists and back, or tingling hands, typical of when you "fall asleep" your hands on the bike then the SRT handlebars are what you were looking for.

The only handlebar that can solve this problem.

Even if you have a pathology such as carpal tunnel pain or other clinical problems, the SRT Factory handlebar is still able to alleviate the problem by slowing down the perception of discomfort.


Simple, the SRT factory handlebar, unlike other handlebars, has two features that make it suitable for solving this problem, 

- it is made of a special aluminum alloy that helps absorb vibrations, combined with our patented cold bending technique that reduces the vibrations transmitted to the handlebar by up to 25%.

- the shape of the handlebar (not the bend but the shape) is designed to improve the position in the saddle without overloading the wrists, allowing you to ride with the right forearm / wrist aligned.

Only in this way can you reduce the load on your wrists, improving comfort and riding position.

tingling in the hands driving motorcycle

Don't believe us, believe those who have already solved this problem and improved the comfort of their bike

Ok, I don't want to get too bored with the technical features of the SRT handlebar. I just wanted to explain to you why SRT handlebars can really help you reduce pain during or after riding your bike by allowing you to fully enjoy the bike leaving home the little annoyances that you carried with you before mounting a handlebar. SRT.

If you are hesitant about the results, and you still don't believe it because you have already tried everything and it never worked, I have a surprise for you.

In this page I have collected some reviews of other motorcyclists who, like you, had driving and comfort problems and thanks to the SRT handlebar they have finally solved their problems by fully enjoying their bike with a smile on their face.

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