SRT Factory, we make your bike more beautiful and fun to ride with our handlebars!

The idea is developed by a motorcycle enthusiast and his best friend. From an accident that caused the fracture of the right wrist, the project started which developed and then became Srt Factory.

We could call it a classic motorcycle accident, nothing serious. Once driving resumed, however, the problems began. The pain in my wrist was really unbearable and didn't allow my friend to ride the bike without suffering the consequences.

He began to think that over time the situation would improve, but unfortunately, after months it was still the same story.

The pain was accentuated by the position of the wrist which created a discomfort that was not present before the accident.

After a few km the discomfort turned into pain after and during long trips of 3/400 km my friend found himself with a swollen and sore wrist.

He then he turned to me, who at the time was working in a famous motorcycle parts shop and then I advised him to try to replace the handlebars, but we soon realized that the problem was not solved.

All the handlebars he tried had the same defects and in the rare cases where he found a solution suitable for comfort, driving problems arose.

So we did a lot of research about it and it turned out that his problem di lui was common to many other motorcyclists.

The problems were always the same, post-accident trauma, carpal tunnel inflammation, back problems and pain in the hands and wrists while driving.

Until a problem touches you personally you hardly notice it and in fact until it personally touched one of my best friends I had never paid attention to this aspect.

But that sore wrist made me realize that many others were looking for a solution that no one was proposing.

So we got to work, and together we developed the first handlebar that allowed to improve comfort thanks to its particular and unique shape.

But we did a lot more, in fact we designed the handlebar so that as well as being comfortable it also brought improvements to the ride.


Time line


The idea was born

It all started in a garage (a bit like Apple), we started producing the first handlebar model according to our specifications and customers gave us a great feedback.

But initially it was a simple marginal activity, created to help those who had driving problems due to trauma, annoyances in general or accidents of various kinds.

After a short period starting with the single handlebar, we began to create (at the time we could not afford large budgets) a sketch of our first products, mainly 3, a handlebar already in the catalog, the KR1 counterweights to match the handlebar and the EVO1 grips , we created our logo and started making the first simple accessories.

The first products made were the  KR1 counterweights (the first versions were much simpler) the only feature they had to have initially was a relatively low cost to be able to start sales by entering the market with a beautiful and not too expensive product!

The idea on paper was exceptional, but it was a pity that the motorcycle market (and in general) was entering a severe crisis.

But with a bit of luck, even if the sales started slowly, despite the fact that the motorcycle market (and not only) was imploding. 

The following years were not easy.

The market continued to contract, sales dropped year after year, stores closed, people lost their jobs and general instability was not helping the aftermarket motorcycle accessories market, which were the first things people obviously cut, unnecessary costs. .

The motorcycle was the last thought of the people. Only the few true enthusiasts resisted and bought.

As if that were not enough in the face of the market contraction, there began to be an increase in unsold products that saturated the market.

The shops that closed filled the market with very low-cost products, just to get rid of them.

Sales were increasingly difficult to achieve and another blow was on the horizon ... the first advent of Chinese products at very low cost and poor quality on the Italian market.

Like a child born in a time of war, our company was born in a time of crisis, made in Italy seemed to be dead. 


The identity of the brand

Time passed and in the meantime, even the shop where I worked began to suffer the blow and closed, so I found myself out of work.

I admit that I felt the pinch, but that unfortunate event actually gave me the opportunity to fully develop the potential of SRT Factory.

So I dedicated myself full-time to this business, with the help of my part-time best friend.

We realized that something was changing and if we hadn't followed this change, we would have been forced to close as well.

The way of working we used was no longer good.

But as they say, "what does not kill strengthens".

We analyzed the market and realized that, before us, no company has ever focused on the handlebar, which has always been seen more as an aesthetic component than a functional component.

The handlebars that a motorcyclist can buy on the market are included in a generic catalog of aesthetic accessories, while the handlebar is a fundamental element of the motorcycle.

As I learned from my best friend's wrist fracture experience, there was no viable solution on the market.

No one designed the handlebars, no one before us had specialized on this product, studying it to get the most out of riding.

So we decided to invest the little we had in the brand and our products, increasing our line and focusing in particular on handlebars, the product from which our project was born.

Along with the handlebars it also made sense to produce their own accessories, counterweights and grips, limiting our catalog to these few accessories.

Leaving and investing in these conditions was equivalent to tossing a coin.

Heads or tails meant respectively salvation or oblivion.

In spite of everything, however, we left anyway.

We decided to develop our own line of motorcycle handlebars with our own design, mainly suitable for naked and touring motorcycles, as our specialization was on this kind of motorbike.

We concentrated above all on the shapes of the handlebars, special and of our own creation, designed to help motorcyclists improve the handling of their motorcycle, making it more beautiful and personal at the same time.

We wanted to make our customers' bikes more fun.

Even today, despite being against the trend, our  catalog  is practically composed exclusively of ergal handlebars and accessories for handlebars.

about us 1


The expansion into the European market and the change of logo and communication


Our specialization has allowed us to raise standards by providing unique conditions, such as a lifetime warranty and our "handlebar insurance" which entitles you to receive a new handlebar after a fall.

Our top-notch service, being the only company with specific handlebar expertise, has allowed us to quickly establish ourselves on the market.

This has meant the renewal of the SRT brand and the company philosophy has undergone a further evolutionary step to further raise the bar of our level and the level of our products.

In addition to the Italian market, where the most demanding motorcyclists, teams and top trainers have the opportunity to choose our handlebars, we have expanded into Europe by making our product known outside Italy.

Our site has been redone from scratch following the latest technologies, investing and working in particular on the user experience, trying to make navigation as simple as possible (this is a compliment that they often give us).

We have tried to make our product descriptions the most complete and comprehensive in the industry to make purchasing truly easy and intuitive.

All this has made the site not only more interactive and functional, but above all instructive and easier to use, in fact on our site in addition to buying you can learn many things about handlebars, things that only we say.

We have also decided to rebuild our company from scratch, investing in new technologies to adapt to the current change, this has allowed us to be light years ahead of our competitors, still anchored to the old "rules".

To guarantee the high standards we are used to working at, we had to automate many procedures to make them leaner and simpler, but above all fast, in order to focus our efforts on research and development and customer service.

We have revised our product range, eliminating anything that was not in line with our premium standard, many models have been redesigned or improved by updating our components to current bikes and focusing only on the handlebars.

Currently  we are one of the few companies that make a change to each production cycle of a component to improve quality and user experience!

about us 2


SRT Factory today


Today we are the only company in Europe specializing in ergal handlebars for naked, touring and enduro motorcycles which, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, improve the handling of the bike. Buy a product and solve 2 problems!

Every year we make improvements by listening in particular to suggestions and feedback from our customers and it would be impossible to achieve this if we widened our scope.

We can boast of collaborating with the best European trainers, many specials that we can admire today in sector magazines, online or at world exhibitions mount SRT factory handlebars and we are proud to help our customers every day to improve the riding of their bike.

Today's market is rapidly expanding like never before, houses are bringing out new models practically every year, we will go into an increasingly specific direction, with bikes made for every type of customer, we no longer live in the era of "handyman" companies!

Today, it is unthinkable to create a phenomenal product without being highly specialized.

Big companies that are incredibly successful are highly focused and we have examples in each specific sector, there is a leading brand in brakes, suspension or exhausts.

We look to the future, we design, test and develop handlebars for current, past and future motorcycles, trying to give our best, because we are passionate about motorcycles just like you are.

We will continue to work every day to improve your bike, making it more beautiful and fun to ride with an SRT Factory handlebar with the simple goal of transforming you into a happier motorcyclist ..

SRT Factory