SRT Factory, since 2008 we make your bike more beautiful!

The SRT brand and company was founded and founded in 2008, born from my mind of 2 guys with a great passion for engines and special bikes. Not being satisfied with the products on the market, we decided to make our products for our specials with the idea and intent to make accessories in ergal for bikes that were of the best quality, with well-finished details, made as if they were of small works of art but with a unique and recognizable design.

Time line

The idea is born

It all started in a garage (a bit like the apple), from the simple purchase of damaged bikes turned into special, seeing the demands of the products that were mounted on our display bikes, we decided to leave. After a short study creammo (at the time we were 2 and penniless) a sketch of the products, mainly 3, we created the logo and began to make the first simple and cheap accessories.

The first products made were the counterweights KR1 and the KNX ratchets (the first versions were much simpler) the only feature that they had initially had a reduced cost, to start sales despite entering the market with a nice product but from the price bass! The idea on the cards was exceptional, but it was a pity that the market was going into crisis. But with a little luck the sales started, despite the market of the bike (and not only) was imploding.

But the following years were not simple. The market continued to contract, sales fell year after year, shops closed, people lost their jobs. The bike was the last thought of people. Only the few enthusiasts resisted.

Moreover, despite the market's diffusion, it began to be saturated with products and sales were increasingly difficult to achieve; the final blow came with the advent of low-cost but poor quality Chinese products.


The identity of the brand

Something was changing, if we had not changed ways of working we would have been forced to close. Many companies in the sector in fact closed in doors, many dealers did not overcome the change and the hit of the crisis hit hard (as for everyone).

But as we say, "what does not kill strengthens".

However, we decided to invest in the brand and our products, increasing our line and focusing on the handlebar controls (handlebars, levers, tank caps, counterweights, knobs).

Starting and investing in these conditions was equivalent to the launch of a dime. Despite everything, however, we left too. But we soon realized that we needed to create new and recognizable products, to develop a brand that could survive all the changes taking place, and that differed from competitors and the Chinese market.

So we went to develop our product line with our own design, devoting ourselves only to handlebars and controls / accessories relating to the handlebars.

In fact, our catalog today is for 85% made up of handlebars and accessories for ergal handlebars.

Finally we began to focus on becoming the luxury brand Nr ° 1 of handlebars and accessories in ergal for handlebars.

So we started with the large-scale production of our motorcycle accessories and handlebars.


The expansion in the European market and the change of logo and communication

At the end of 2016, the SRT brand and the company philosophy underwent a further evolutionary step; in addition to the Italian market, where in addition to the private sector we also work for high-end motorbike manufacturers and top preparers, we have expanded in Europe making our product known outside Italy.

Our site has been redone from scratch, investing a lot and working in particular on the user experience, trying to make navigation as easy as possible (this is a complimente that we often do), our product descriptions are among the most complete and exhaustive of the motorcycle accessories sector. All this made the site not only more interactive and functional, but also instructive and easier to use.

We have also decided to rebuild our company from scratch, investing in new technologies to adapt to the current change, and we who are inside the dynamics of this market, we realize that we are light years ahead of our competitors.

To guarantee a 360 ° quality, to high standards to which we are used to work, we had to automate many procedures to make them leaner and simpler, but above all faster, so as to concentrate our efforts on research and development and customer care, that we decided to provide online only via email. This is to speed up the procedures, to always have a historical, impossible with the telephone contact.

We have reviewed our product line, eliminating everything that was not in line with our high standard, many models have been redesigned or improved by upgrading our components to current bikes.

We are one of the few companies that every production cycle of a component makes a change to increase its quality!


SRT Factory today

From the resale of a few products, to the realization of a series of components for naked and sports made to measure and made in our style center.

This was the big balance.

Where the originality and the entrepreneurial spirit blend with the aesthetic taste and unique design, founding a brand that creates a reference point on the market of the handlebars and the ergal controls.

Today we can boast of supporting and collaborating with the best European trainers, many special that we can admire today in the sector magazines, online or at world exhibitions, mount SRT factory accessories as standard or designed specifically for those models.

We manufacture the only TUV approved dumbbells, which besides being beautiful aesthetically improve the riding of the bike. Buy a product and solve 2 problems!

Today's market is rapidly expanding like never before, the houses are pulling out new models of motorcycles practically every year, we will go in an increasingly specific direction, with models made for each type of customer, we look to the future, we design, test and develop style accessories for the motorcycles of tomorrow, trying to do our best, because we are as passionate as you are.

SRT Factory

We work to make your bike more beautiful and funny!