I can't fold in b motorcycle

This is a statement we've heard from riders over and over and here's how we've helped thousands of riders solve this problem.

Are you wondering why you can't get the most out of your bike?
Well, maybe the reason why you can't fold safely on the bike today is because you have an unsuitable handlebar for driving but until now no one has ever told you.
fold in motion

Do you see the difference between these two dumbbells (pictured above)?

The first (left) is a handlebar made by those who make many ergal components without being specialized in anything.
The result is a handlebar that makes your bike undriveable.
It may be fine for a trade show as a design element on the bike, but on the road, in real life, between curves, that's a handlebar unsuitable for riding.
Yet many buy handlebars made by famous brands (to make aesthetic components) but who do not have specific experience on motorcycle handlebars.
The handlebar does not have to be beautiful (even if ours are also beautiful) it must be functional, it must have specific shapes to improve the ride.
See the second handlebar?
Well, it's an SRT handlebar, the red one, mounted on the multi color bike ...
These are both 2 Ducati  Streetfighters,  the difference is that one drives better than the other, because the second, the multicolor one, has a better handlebar, an SRT handlebar designed to improve the ride, the position in the saddle, the agility of the bike, handling.

The great thing is that you will feel like you are riding another bike, a better bike, a more agile bike, a more fun bike.

In our  guide  we have highlighted several important points about SRT handlebars and you will have realized that the little money you will spend on having one will be amply compensated by the driving sensations you will experience on your bike.

And if you have peeked at some of our emails then you will already have a clear idea of ​​how SRT handlebars can improve the handling of your bike.

Surely you will also know that we have invested 10 years of research and development to create the best handlebar on the market and today we finally have a unique and inimitable product. Light years away from the competition handlebars.

At this point I wonder if you want to improve your bike?

Maybe you think that with the SRT handlebar nothing changes ... as has already happened to you maybe trying other handlebars ...

I'm sorry to contradict you, but the riding of your bike, the ease of folding will change a lot and it will change positively.

Because the SRT Factory handlebar is designed and studied for this, to help you bend in motion.

fold in motion

But I ask you a favor, don't make the wrong reasoning

What some motorcyclists do who claim that: the original handlebar is fine, otherwise why would the parent company have mounted it on your bike?

Again, I'm sorry to do this but I have to contradict you.

There are many NON original components that improve the performance of your bike, there are companies that make suspensions, air filters, braking systems, rims, control units, exhausts and so on.

All these components would not make sense to exist were it not that they improve the bike compared to the original version, which is designed to contain production costs.

But you can only understand this by riding your bike with the SRT handlebar, discovering how you can improve the ride, aesthetics and comfort compared to the original handlebar.

Maybe you already have an aftermarket handlebar fitted and you think the problem isn't the handlebar!

Unfortunately, this time too I have to change your mind, you must know that the SRT factory handlebars are the only handlebars on the market that have these characteristics:

- patented bend, the only bends measures, studied and tested for over 10 years, in fact no handlebars have the same shape of the SRT handlebars.

- reduction of vibrations up to 25%, we use a cold bending technology combined with differentiated thickness of the material that allows to reduce vibrations up to 25%

- unique aesthetics, the only handlebars to have the brushed and anodized finish, very expensive, but which gives a manicured look to the handlebars.

Do not make the mistake that some make thinking that by buying another handlebar you will be able to have the same final result that ONLY the SRT handlebar can guarantee you.

You can't imagine how many motorcyclists who are convinced that handlebars are all alike have found themselves buying a cheaper handlebar believing they are saving, then realizing that they have wasted money.

Do you know what happened in the end?

They took out the cheap handlebar to buy the SRT handlebar.

Do not make this mistake yourself, do not waste money but above all time in research, assembly, tests and then discover that what you have taken is not good, or that at best it is not that bad.

We have already done all this for you and we have solved it by developing SRT handlebars, the only handlebars that solve riding problems.

Perhaps you still have doubts as to whether the SRT handlebar can bend better on the bike

But in reality it will, and you are now very close to fully enjoying the fold of your bike, to try new wonderful driving sensations to say goodbye to the absurd position that the current handlebar forces you to have.

Finally, you will have full control of the bike when leaning, you will be able to lean with more confidence and safety, obtaining a feeling never seen before.

Like you, many other riders were skeptical before buying an SRT handlebar, but they changed their mind as soon as they mounted the handlebars on their bikes and discovered a new bike, more reactive, more dynamic, more fun and comfortable, but above all more precise. .