Customize the bike?

An obligatory choice if you want a more comfortable and natural saddle position making the ride more precise and dynamic

customize the bike

Many motorcyclists are still reluctant to modify their motorcycle.

This limit arises from the belief that motorcycle designers are experts in every type of field and create a total project of the motorcycle.

Unfortunately, the reality is different and a motorcycle is almost always an assembly of several highly specific components that are designed separately from the motorcycle.

I want to bring you a comment we received on one of our posts:

"The handlebars of a motorcycle should never be changed, the bike comes with ITS handlebars studied by excellent engineers for that specific bike. The same goes for other fundamental parts of the bikes."

And here is the answer we gave to this comment:

A first piece of advice I can give is to read  THIS GUIDE  where this topic is well explained inside.

Unfortunately, there is no team of "good engineers" who set out to study and design the most suitable handlebar. Usually everything is contracted externally.

The choice and design of many components such as brakes, suspension etc. it is entrusted to external companies that are highly specialized.

It would be uneconomical from an industrial point of view to design every single component and it would not even make sense since it would require a lot of skills.

For this reason, there are companies specialized in certain sectors that make components that are then used by the houses to set up the motorcycles.

An example in front of everyone is the pliers.

Brembo, Nissin or Tokico who produce their own calipers thanks to their specialized skills and which are then also used by motorcycle manufacturers to set up their models.

For this reason, many motorcycles share the same brake calipers.

The manufacturers know that for components it is better to rely on professionals, but there are still many motorcyclists who think they should not rely on those who are specialized, such as us in the field of handlebars.

I am sure that when you have to change the brake pads of your bike, even if you decide to take them to the dealer, whoever designed that pad is not the manufacturer of the bike, but rather a company specializing in brakes.

The same can be said for example when you go to change the  transmission kit  on your bike.

Even if he decides to take it to a dealer, the chain, the sprocket and the rear sprocket have been designed by an external company specializing in this kind of components.

Unfortunately this "fixes" that the standard components are the top, the maximum, the best, creates limitations, because a motorcycle can improve considerably by selecting non-standard components, of high quality, compared to the original material, which inevitably, for contain prices, cannot be excelled.

This does not mean that the stock components are poor, but they can never be compared to aftermarket components of the highest level.

I would also like to point out that between a poor quality Chinese component and the original piece, it is certainly better to leave everything original.

So modifying your bike is an excellent solution to customize it according to your needs

Modifying the bike is essential to obtain improvements, in particular we are dedicated to improving the part of the guide, through the motorcycle handlebar, which is the most important command of a motorcycle with the handlebar.

Even if today many do not know the potential of the handlebar and how this accessory can improve driving.

But it is absolutely essential not to save on this accessory, because the handlebar is a structural component of the bike.

The lack of awareness on this aspect is evident, for this reason we are disclosing a series of   instructional GUIDES on the motorcycle handlebar and on the characteristics it must have.

Motorcyclists replace the handlebar with too much superficiality, thinking that one handlebar is as good as the other, that there are no differences, that 2 "medium fold" models of different brands are identical.

This then causes serious problems, such as this one, which we report from a comment we received on Facebook:

"In fact, the handlebar must not be changed at all. I had an accident precisely because I changed it, not knowing what I was going to encounter; I was going to 120 kh when suddenly the bike lost its stability and started to tremble ... in those moments I didn't understand anything, I found myself alive by a miracle in the emergency room ... and then I realized that the fault had been the manurium that I had changed ...... "

This is a comment from a user who changed the handlebars on his motorcycle by choosing one of poor quality and low price.

Unfortunately, it happens more often than one might think.

broken handlebar

Both on naked and off-road bikes, where the stresses are greater, the handlebars of the bike could break.

As we indicate in our guide, the handlebar is a structural component, not a simple bent tube.

Making it out of aluminum is a big challenge, and bending it isn't easy at all.

We must pay attention to many aspects.

Within  OUR GUIDES  we also talk about the materials and this information does not cost anything, we give it away and you learn many things about the handlebars ....

That said, as a structural component, the handlebar must be of proven reliability.

In these cases the mounted handlebars were low quality handlebars, such as those you can find on Amazon, Ebay, and Chinese marketplaces.

Unfortunately, there are people who do not understand the importance of the handlebars and buy handlebars from 25/30 euros. Convince yourself that one handlebar is worth the other.

You can take the number plate holders, 2 mirrors in china, even the exhaust if you want.

Leaving aside the aesthetic aspect, given that those who mount Chinese material on the bike choose to take a copy at a low price to save money by worsening the aesthetics of the bike by lowering its quality, we must consider safety.

Structural components such as the handlebars, but also the brake and clutch levers or the footrests must ONLY be changed with components of the highest level.

The few euros that can be saved by buying low-level components are not worth the risk of assembling structural components of dubious origin.

If something happens to these products who responds? Who do you contact? A shop in China that maybe no longer exists in 3 months? They know they are unattainable and only care to file the quality to lower prices, sell and not give a damn.

So always pay close attention to what you mount on your motorcycle!

The SRT handlebar is a very high level handlebar where we do not pay attention to savings, but rather we always try to improve the level of the product even at the expense of price increases.

Whoever decides to mount the SRT handlebar on his bike is a motorcyclist who demands the best, loves his bike and only wants safe, reliable components that increase its overall value.