Are you wondering why we are showing you our side?

Well, because this story can be very useful to you to avoid repeating our mistake.
You may not know this, but there are still many riders today who do not understand the importance of the handlebar and how it can affect riding.


Although there are tons of testimonials from other riders who mount the SRT handlebar and who were stupid by the results, there are still those people who think they already have the best.


Unfortunately for them, they will never enjoy the benefits of riding with the SRT Factory handlebar!
Even if we are sorry for them, it is not possible to convert everyone and we will continue to please, even better, those who have understood and know the real driving advantages that get with an SRT handlebar.

Today, however, I would like to focus on a different aspect


And that's what we made our mistake .... we lowered it!
Worst mistake could not be made, and now I'll explain why.


It happens that there are some riders who are amazed at the prices of SRT Factory handlebars.


They don't understand why SRT handlebars cost more than many other models.


For this, first I would like to explain to you why the SRT Factory handlebar has a high-end price and why it cannot cost like other handlebars!


First of all, dumbbells are not all the same!

We explain it well in our texts and guides, but this is still poorly understood.

Let's try to repeat it ... even if a handlebar has the same name (medium bend for example), it actually has different shapes and sizes.

So does that mean?
That between the SRT handlebar and that of another brand with the "same drop", there is a difference in shape and therefore in the results in riding.

We ONLY make handlebars and specialize in this element.
Believe me, it is already complex to make dumbbells according to our standards, it would not be possible to make other products as well!

It would be scattered and useless.

Have you ever wondered why there are companies that only make one product?
Do you think Brembo doesn't have the financial resources to make mirrors too?
Or that Akrapovic cannot afford to produce led arrows?

They do not do it because their economic and human resources are dedicated to the creation of products at the top of their category.

The same goes for SRT Factory. We ONLY make handlebars to develop an excellent level product.

A completely different model compared to those who buy the handlebar and then brand it by putting it in the catalog.

The difference between designing a handlebar that serves to get results, compared to branding a handlebar, is abysmal.

Another aspect to consider is that of the materials, an ergal 7075 handlebar has a completely different raw material price compared to one made of steel. We are talking about the 800% difference in the price of the raw material!

Many handlebars are not made of aluminum or are made of lower quality alloys.

What happen? Simple, there are dumbbells that snap, bend, flex and so on.

Then there is the finish ... and here a world opens up, we wrote rivers of words to make you understand the differences.

Details that to many may seem trivial or even not even evaluated, make a total difference on the final result.
Both in aesthetic and structural terms and in terms of resistance.

The handlebars can be broken due to poorly performed work, but no one knows.

And let's finish with the advice ... not the customer assistance, I mean the advice to show you the correct handlebar to get an improvement according to your needs and your bike.

Try contacting other companies that "make" handlebars and you will find that they have no idea what to answer you, or at best they have a compatibility chart, but they have no idea how that handlebar affects riding.

This is because they did not design the handlebar. It is not their creature!

Ok, to summarize, without going into too much detail, here are the main differences:

- design and study of the handlebar
- production experience (we make them directly)
- finish and material of the product
- inimitable technical advice (having no competitor)
- results in the guide


Well, now that you have an idea of ​​what it means to own an SRT handlebar know that, for a short time, there was a low-priced SRT handlebar on the market.

It was a cheaper version of our model and only cost 29 euros.

If you're wondering why I'm telling you this, despite it being a real flop, it's because I want you to understand the real differences between a top-notch product and an affordable mid-range product.

I could have written you examples after examples (complete with photographic documentation received from customers), perhaps talking about the handlebars of others.

But I think that talking to you about the quality problems of a factory SRT model is more effective.

On the other hand, being biased it is more difficult to talk about a defect in our handlebars.

Well, this 29 euro handlebar was being sold on our site as a low-end model compared to our 65 euro handlebar.

The differences were not only in the price of course, but also in the quality of the product.

What we highlighted, we clearly wrote that this kind of handlebar cost half because it was worth half compared to the top model.

Where did we save?

On finishing, materials and processes. Getting a level equal to the dumbbells on the market which are sold for the same price. Thus managing to reduce the price by 60%.

The result was incredible.
The cheaper model of SRT handlebar was bought much cheaper than the expensive model.

After 4 months the sales ratio was 1 cheap dumbbell every 10 normal, but not only that ... we received lots of complaints about the cheap product.

It happened because customers expected a high level product and received a medium / low level product, adapted to the level of the competition.

So we decided to cut production and stop this product.

And this was a real fortune, because after a few months a lot of warranty handlebars arrived to be fixed due to poor anodization that was discolored after only one season!
Which happens on many 4-penny dumbbells ...

Obviously SRT Factory puts its face on its products, withdrawing all the discolored handlebars to fix them at our expense!

Today the SRT handlebar could NEVER be sold for 29 euros.

We will never give up the quality and level of our handlebars again to please those who want a mediocre product.

Indeed, we are working only to INCREASE PRICES, because the next evolutions will have further improvements which of course have an inevitable cost.

We leave mediocrity to others! Those who choose SRT must only get the best.

And how can you get the most out of a handlebar that is not designed, studied in detail and sold at a price of 30/40 euros?

Not to mention that in these 30/40 euros there are also the margin for the retailer, on average he has a discount ranging from 30 to 50%, taxes, VAT and packaging / packaging costs !

You can only imagine the production costs and the quality of such a handlebar!
our biggest mistake

The moral of this experience?

This was a lesson for us, we learned an important thing!

Although we are able to sell a handlebar to the public even for 25/30 euros, we would have to significantly lower the quality of the product to stay in the price.

Those who choose SRT want the best, and we cannot disappoint them!

You too can learn a lesson from it, don't give up for a few euros on a handlebar that really changes your ride, makes you get results and is built and designed to make you get the most out of it!