Honda Hornet handlebar

Find out which handlebar is best for your Honda Hornet

The Honda Hornet is one of the most popular motorcycles on the market.

A fast and easy to drive naked, very intuitive. Built starting from the CBR, today has now been replaced by the CB 650 F (the real name of the Hornet is indeed CB 600 F "Hornet."

L ' Hornet , which was performed in the version 600 to 900, is a truly beloved motorcycle from motorcyclists; it is already an excellent bike, but like all Japanese motorcycles, the components are not the best.

The Hornet handlebar for example is one of those components that should be changed immediately with a more performing model, in this way it will be possible to obtain a better and more comfortable ride from a motorcycle which, with a few minor modifications, can be greatly improved.

handlebar honda hornet

Find out how the SRT handlebar improves your Honda Hornet

The Hornet handlebar has 4 major flaws.

- it is narrow

- it has a curve very much towards the rider

- it is made of iron

- it forces one to a very uncomfortable riding position

All these characteristics of the handlebar are negative, and if you do not know why I suggest you take a look at our  GUIDE ON HANDLEBARS .

A narrow and closed handlebar does not allow you to take full advantage of a naked such as the Hornet.

I can already imagine what you are thinking ... "But why if the original handlebar is not good, have Honda decided to mount it?"

On the other hand it is a logical question. The explanation is simple and you can find the long version here ( WHY CHANGE THE ORIGINAL HANDLEBAR), the short version is that the original handlebar is on that bike only because it is cheap and was probably already a handlebar available to Honda in the design phase.

Making handlebars is expensive and houses try to maximize by placing various components on as many models as possible to bring down production costs.

The SRT handlebar on the other hand, unlike the original Hornet handlebar, is exactly the opposite. 

- it is wider to allow greater control of the bike and a more comfortable position

- it has a curve less towards the rider, to leave shoulders and arms more open

- it is made of ergal 7075, it transmits less vibrations and weighs less than the original handlebar

- it is designed to improve the riding position

These are the main features of the SRT handlebar (medium fold version in this case), and they are the reasons why those who have already mounted this handlebar on their Hornet have finally been able to fully appreciate the ride.

Because the Hornet, as we wrote at the beginning, is a really good bike and with very little expense it can literally become an exceptional and above all new bike.

Here you can see the difference between the original chromed iron handlebar and our  MEDIUM FOLD HANDLEBAR  in gold anodized aluminum.

In this photo we do not notice another very important detail: our handlebar, in the area where the hands rest, is parallel to the road, while the original handlebar is inclined downwards, this makes our handlebar more comfortable than the original handlebar. , allowing you to better unload the  weight on the wrists .

handlebar hornet difference

How your Hornet will change with an SRT Factory handlebar

Here we get to the point. In fact, your Hornet can only improve with one of the SRT Factory handlebars.

Before explaining how, I want to highlight one point. The Hornet is a bike that has been produced for many years, we are writing an article dedicated to this bike because over time we have received a lot of feedback and we have many reviews and images of our handlebar mounted on the Hornet.

This in itself is already an excellent result. But we wanted to underline all the advantages of the SRT handlebar on the Hornet, because despite all these tests, there are still those who insist on riding with the original handlebar, or worse, with a well-known "aftermarket" handlebar that is made in China and branded with a famous brand that makes (or rather buys from china and brands) everything and more, from arrows to mirrors and so on.

SRT Factory is the only company specializing in the construction of handlebars for motorcycles and ergal accessories for handlebars (grips, counterweights).

Our handlebars are born to improve the handling of the motorcycle, and in the case of the honda Hornet, they have been helping motorcyclists to improve the handling of their Hornet for years.

If you still think that the original handlebar or another aftermarket handlebar is the solution, you are missing an opportunity, to ride your Hornet with the factory SRT handlebar.

Do not you believe it?

These are the words of Daniele, who recommended the SRT factory handlebar to another biker boy from HONDA HORNET CLUB ITALIA.

hornet handlebar review

But why does the SRT handlebar improve the ride of your Hornet? 

It's simple, because it took us over 10 years to make our handlebars, perfecting the measures and shapes so that they were not only beautiful but useful.

Useful to improve the riding of the bike, to make it more manageable, to make it more reactive, to improve comfort, to have a more comfortable riding position, to reduce vibrations and to improve the aesthetics of your Hornet.

Hornet handlebar: low bend or medium bend?

This is a good question.

The choice between low drop handlebar and medium drop handlebar is very subjective.

Basically we can make 2 major distinctions:

If you want a riding position similar to the original handlebar, but which improves the handling and agility of the bike, then the right model is the  SRT MEDIUM PENDER

handlebar medium fold honda hornet

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a sportier handlebar that makes driving the Hornet a memorable experience and that helps you brush the curves, then the  SRT FOLD LOW HANDLEBAR  is the handlebar you are looking for

handlebar low fold honda hornet

The choice is very personal and it all depends on what you are looking for. Both handlebars have the advantage of reducing vibrations and making the bike more comfortable due to the shape of the handlebars (obviously the low drop will be less comfortable than the medium drop).

Both handlebars are available in 7 colors to match the color you prefer to your Hornet.

Improve your Hornet's ride today

Taking apart your original handlebar (or even if you have a non-SRT aftermaket) is the best gift you can give to your hornet.

Often thousands of euros are spent on exhausts, suspensions and other accessories, when simply replacing the handlebar fitted now with an SRT handlebar improves the handling of the Hornet in a decisive way.

Do not you believe it? Well, you've already read a review from one of the many riders satisfied with riding their bike with the factory SRT handlebar.

So satisfied that he even advised other motorcyclists to experience the same riding sensations by fitting an SRT factory handlebar.

And here are 2 other reviews of the "HONDA HORNET CLUB ITALIA"

srt handlebars honda hornet opinions

srt honda hornet handlebar review

Today you have two choices: to stay with the current original handlebar or even worse an aftermaket handlebar of a brand other than ours ( see this article that compares SRT handlebars with others of the competition ) and not to fully enjoy the potential of your bike, or improve the handling of the bike, making it more manageable, more reactive, more comfortable, with less vibrations and more beautiful.

And you only have one way to do it, choose a SRT MEDIUM FOLD SRT handlebar   or  SRT LOW FOLD HANDLEBAR

It is not only us who say that our handlebars will improve the ride of your Hornet, but other riders have mounted it on their bikes and have appreciated and loved riding their Hornet, so much so that they decide to expose themselves and recommend it to other riders.

Maybe you think it is difficult to assemble?

You may think that changing the handlebar is complicated, but on the Hornet the SRT handlebar, both low and medium fold, is 100% compatible with no need for cable modifications.

You will be able to assemble all your controls without problems, the assembly is simple and intuitive.

You can also do this at home if you are able to do these small jobs. You will just have to arm yourself with patience and have fun mounting the new handlebar on the Hornet.

The hornet is a bike that has been on the market for over 20 years now, most likely the original handlebar will by now be rusted or start to bloom (small oxide dots), and if you have an aftermarket handlebar, it is probably made in China (although brand name), it will be discolored by the sun.

You can take the opportunity to change your handlebar with a SRT Factory handlebar  MEDIUM BEND SRT  or  HANDLEBAR LOW BEND SRT

Our anodizing treatment (the coloring) is very resistant, because we do not spare any expense to make it. In fact, our dumbbells do not stand the test of time.

Do not you believe it?

Look at this photo (below), this is a gold handlebar, mounted on a hornet 900, in 2010, the photo is from 2018, after 8 years this gold SRT handlebar is still nice, it has faded a little, but in 8 years of washing, sun exposure and wear has kept a nice color despite everything.

handlebar gold hornet

It also combines knobs and counterweights

About 3/4 (75%) of our customers make a mistake, due to a lack of trust.

We report it, but hardly anyone listens to us: after buying the handlebars, we always recommend buying the counterweights and grips.

Do you know why we say this?

Because almost always, after they have mounted the handlebars, they are so satisfied that they buy grips and counterweights a second time.

Too bad, however, that in doing so, in addition to having to assemble the products twice, they have to pay the shipping again, when they could have saved with a single shipment.

Now you have an opportunity that we wanted to make available for those riders who want to have the complete set, handlebar + grips + counterweights.

In fact, you can choose to save and buy the complete kit that you can see here:



So you can assemble the kit and embellish your bike even more with our ergal grips and compatible counterweights for the SRT handlebar. you will mount on your Hornet.

With these handlebar kits you will save time and money, and you will get a better aesthetic result.

hornet handlebar kit


With the SRT Factory handlebar you will have significant driving advantages. Don't waste any more time, don't keep thinking that the current handlebars are fine, that the bike is perfect like this, that certain things are useless on the road.

These are all excuses, because changing the handlebars is still a choice, but it is a choice that will help you improve the ride of your Hornet in a way you don't expect.

If you have never changed handlebars until now (or you changed them by buying one of another brand) it is normal that you do not believe that the guide can be changed.

Only those who try an SRT handlebar will get these benefits,  other handlebars cannot do this, because only the SRT Factory handlebars are designed to improve motorcycle riding, with over 10 years of testing we can boast of having obtained these results.

And we did it to help all riders who want to have a better, more beautiful, more fun, easier bike to ride.

Give your Hornet an SRT handlebar and only after fitting it will you ride a new Honda Hornet


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