Naked handlebar

Find out which one to mount and how to choose it

There are many types of handlebars and folds, but if you want to find out which handlebar is best suited to your naked and how to choose the right handlebar,

here you will find the answers you are looking for.

Are you looking for a handlebar that will help you improve the ride of your naked?

Well then we have what you need.

If you are looking for a handlebar for your Naked that helps you improve your riding, to have a different riding position, which allows you to brush the curves by commanding the bike with very little effort, then read the next lines carefully, because you will find the solution. to your wishes.

Driving the bike is a very personal matter, the feeling that allows you to immediately become familiar with the bike does not always arise.

Many times, in fact, there is always an uncertainty, for example when cornering where the bike does not seem to want to go down, or more simply does not transmit the right sensations between your hands and the front wheel.

This is due to the many filters between you and the asphalt; there is the tire, there is the suspension and at the end there is the handlebar.

Many times, too many I would say, we always focus only on tires and suspensions, convinced that the handlebar is an element that does not differ, that it cannot vary the ride.

This is a wrong judgment, because the handlebar is the first of the components to be modified without having to intervene on other parts of the bike.

In fact, the handlebar alone is able to significantly improve the handling of the bike, enhancing its strengths and smoothing out its defects.

Moreover, due to its low cost, it is the primary element on which it is necessary to intervene to significantly improve driving, without touching more expensive components.

And if you have already put your hand to suspension and pneumatics by spending a lot of money, why are you still there with an original handlebar or one that does not do its duty?

naked handlebar

A dumbbell can help you improve many things

A very common mistake that motorcyclists make is to think that the motorcycle handlebar is a simple bent tube.

You can't even imagine how many times we have heard the phrase: "I have the original handlebars and the bike is fine".

Beautiful statement, on the other hand if you have never tried the Florentine in Florence even the grandmother's cutlet is not bad.

Let's say that the Fiat Panda is also perfect as a car, but on a Porsche it is definitely another journey.

In fact, these are the statements of those who have never experienced what it means to ride the bike with a component designed to improve the original configuration.

Unfortunately, the culture of motorcyclists on the handlebars is really low, but be careful, this does not want to be an offense but is a simple fact.

You will be amazed to know that many motorcyclists, in addition to not understanding the difference between original and aftermarket handlebars, do not even fully understand the difference, for example, between a high and a medium fold handlebar, thinking that it is a difference in height.

If you too thought this way until today, continuing to read you will discover information that many motorcyclists ignore.

In fact, few know that the handlebar can change the way a Naked motorcycle is  handled, allowing you to ride in a sportier and more effective way and even improving riding comfort and the convenience of the bike.

But to make this possible, you can't just pick one handlebar at random from the many that are offered on the market.

For this you should choose a handlebar that is suitable for solving the problems of the stock handlebar, which allows you to improve the riding of your motorcycle without limiting its comfort or forcing yourself into absurd riding positions typical of the original handlebars.

First I want to be sure that you too, with a good chance if you are reading these lines, have encountered at least 1 of these problems on the bike:

- excessive vibrations

- aching and pain in the wrists and back

- poor driving dynamics, tight handlebars, poor feeling with the front wheel

- lack of confidence when bending

- rusty, crooked, old, ugly and heavy handlebars

Did you know that, in over 10 years of activity, these were the most common problems that we heard from the many motorcyclists who contacted us to ask for a solution?

You have probably already heard of our company, SRT Factory, we are famous for our motorcycle handlebars, but this description is an understatement, because in reality we are famous for how our motorcycle handlebars improve the lives of motorcyclists.

I want to repeat, SRT is famous for how SRT handlebars improve the lives of motorcyclists.

I didn't want to repeat it for pride, but because this is our mission, our goal, that's why we get up in the morning and work to constantly improve our motorcycle handlebars.

Ok I know what is going through your head, if you have never had an SRT handlebar before today you may not believe a word of what you read in these lines.

How to blame you ...

Indeed, I am sure that a handlebar in your life you will have already changed it and probably not only has the situation remained the same as before, it could even have worsened after the handlebar replacement.

Unfortunately it is not a rare event and we have to fight every day to overcome the distrust of those who think that a handlebar cannot do what we promise or of those who have changed the handlebars with a model that they have found in some store and have not solved any problems. driving, has not achieved any improvement.

Do you know why this happens?

Because you've always got a handlebar made by companies that don't make handlebars.

Does that sound strange to you?

Well maybe if you think about it it doesn't sound so strange, on the other hand the handlebars you find on the market either come from China or are branded with famous names and sold at a high price by companies that specialize in making mirrors, arrows and license plate holders.

Very good in this sector, but to make dumbbells that work you need to be an expert in dumbbells, not in license plate holders.

I'll explain it even more simply, despite Pirelli being an excellent tire company, it doesn't start producing brake pads, the first would not be credible, the second would not be capable.

In fact, Pirelli invests all its resources to compete in the world of tires, not in the world of brake pads.

This reasoning is also valid in the world of motorcycle handlebars.

It is one thing to make a license plate holder or arrows, another is to make a handlebar, a structural component of the motorcycle.

SRT Factory is the only company that has specialized in handlebars for Naked and road bikes, and this is how we manage to improve the lives of motorcyclists.

Spending all our energy on motorcycle handlebars and that's it.

The solution you were looking for is much simpler than you think

If you have come this far, it means that you want to improve your riding, you want a more reactive bike, a bike that responds better to commands, you want a bike that is one with you, that when you bend you go along exactly like a glove should. fit perfectly on one hand.

If this is what you want to achieve, I will finally reveal how you can get it.

Tell me, would you like to write a review like these too:


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If this is the result you want to achieve and make your bike more fun, easier to ride, more beautiful, you can do it very easily.

In fact, just give yourself an SRT Factory handlebar and mount it on your bike and you too can finally try these new driving sensations that many other motorcyclists have experienced before you.

I want to warn you though, riding the bike with an SRT handlebar is addictive.

Don't believe us, then read these reviews:

social proof

buy our handlebar

These are the experiences of 2 (of the many) motorcyclists who, changing bikes, immediately bought the SRT handlebar again because when you ride the bike with an SRT handlebar you can't help but have it on your next bike.

Now you can choose: try what it means to have an SRT handlebar that improves the ride and riding position of your bike, or keep thinking that with the handlebar you currently have on your bike it is perfect.

But mind you, in this second case you are missing out on a great opportunity, the opportunity to change the way your bike is riding.

In fact, you may find yourself like some of our customers who write to us regretting having waited so long to change the handlebars.

You may be wondering which handlebar is right for you.

Well, if this is the question you ask yourself, it means that you are willing to try new and better driving sensations, to enhance the pleasure that your motorcycle will give you during the folds between the mountain passes or the promenade of the coast with your new SRT Factory handlebar.

The reasons why the SRT factory handlebars helps in guiding you have them explained in various articles that you can view on  THIS PAGE

Reading them will find out how the SRT handlebar can:

- improve guidance with our patented 3 folds

- improve aesthetics with 7 colors through anodizing

- improve comfort thanks to the production process and shape

But in addition to this I would still like to help you in choosing the right handlebar for your bike and explain exactly the difference between the various folds and why you cannot compare our handlebars to other handlebars of different brands.

First you must understand that the term bend that identifies a handlebar is a wrong term, ok I admit it is now in common use, but it is a term that is used only by Italian motorcyclists.

It is a wrong term because commonly motorcyclists think that the handlebar with medium bend, for example, is higher than a low bend.

But this is not true, it is not correct.

If you take two low bend dumbbells in comparison, for example, you find yourself in your hand with two totally different dumbbells.

This is because the handlebar is a three-dimensional object, so its height varies according to how it will be mounted on the bike's risers.

In fact, according to the inclination, the height varies by several cm.

And this is what sets SRT handlebars apart from the rest of the handlebars on the market.

In fact, our folds are patented and unique. This makes the difference between a handlebar that works and that allows you to ride the bike by improving the ride and position in the saddle, as well as comfort and also aesthetics and a bent tube.

To understand better I suggest you:

Watch this video that explains the differences between our folds and shows them to you live.

Well, the video is done but you may still have doubts.

It is normal, on the other hand you are not the expert in handlebars, but we are.

So why not take full advantage of us by asking the fateful question ....

Which handlebar fits my motorcycle?

We will be happy to help you, on the other hand we have a database of applications and we can advise you in the best possible way.

But first you need to fully understand the 3 differences between the various folds (which are also well explained in the video above).

- low fold handlebar

- medium fold handlebar

- high fold handlebar

The SRT Factory low fold handlebar is designed to make riding the naked more sporty, with a more loaded torso, more inclined than the original handlebar.

It is a sporty handlebar and if you are looking for sportiness this is the perfect handlebar for you.

The SRT handlebar medium fold is a handlebar like posture similar to the original handlebar of the Japanese naked, but improving comfort allowing you to have a less stressful position for the wrists and arms and at the same time improving the ride making the bike better maneuverable, more agile and easier to ride and at the same time improving the aesthetic aspect of the bike.

The high-fold SRT handlebar, on the other hand, was created for off-road motorcycles and "enduro" motorbikes in the Africa Twin, Transalp, Tenerè style, ideal for having a comfortable handlebar but suitable for riding on that type of motorcycle. Allowing you to have a straight saddle position with arms high, it is also a good handlebar when it comes to riding standing on the footpegs.

It can also be an excellent handlebar on "hybrid" motorcycles or touring motorcycles derived from naked, such as the Tracer 700 to name one.

Furthermore, there is still a distinction, namely the diameter of the handlebar.

Normally the cheap naked have a handlebar measuring 22 mm, while the more powerful and performing motorcycles with the highest price have a 28 mm handlebar in the central area and 22 mm at the ends.

To recognize them, just a caliber, or more simply a glance, the 22 mm will have the same diameter along the entire length of the handlebar, while the 22/28 will have a larger diameter in the center to narrow at the ends becoming thinner.

If you still have doubts you can simply click on  SEARCH BY MOTORCYCLE select your bike and see the recommended handlebar.

Do we want to talk about bonuses?

Yes, because we also give BONUSES, as a SRT Factory customer you have a great advantage, in fact you can have unlimited assistance. A rare gem today.

Still not convinced which handlebar is best suited to your bike? Then you can ask for advice from us, who have been making and selling motorcycle handlebars for over 10 years.

We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable handlebar to improve your ride or to solve the problems that plague your bike.

But it doesn't stop there, when at SRT Factory we do something, we do it well.

In fact, you still have 2 huge bonuses to take advantage of, the first is the possibility of having the return free of charge, so you can view the handlebar and then return it without paying the shipments.

The second big bonus is FREE shipping for the handlebar.

Fantastic you will think, and indeed it is.

But I have bad news, free shipping will not be available for much longer, in fact this opportunity will end in a few days. (it may already be finished while you are reading these lines).

And it is a great opportunity because it allows you to pay only the cost of the handlebar, in fact we will put the shipping costs.

You will surely understand that we cannot do this for everyone and forever.

But we wanted to give this gift to some riders to give them the opportunity to experience new riding sensations and improve their bike.

Today you have the opportunity to make this incredible concentrate of technology yours without paying 1 euro for shipping.

Do it before we begin to regret having given away the shipment ...

Believe me, we are categorical, if you do not take advantage of our promotions we will not give discounts, we give the opportunity, but it's up to you to seize it, if you arrive late you may no longer have the FREE SHIPPING.

Are you worrying about the editing?

Before I tell you where to click to take home the SRT handlebar that will make your bike beautiful and a lot more fun, let me tell you 2 more words.

Many do not change handlebars because they think it is a complicated operation.

The reality, however, is that it is very very simple to assemble the handlebar and it is a job that with a little dexterity you can also do at home.

Don't freak out, doing it is easier than you think.

In fact, to assemble it you will only need a few tools and that's it.

Not enough, here are 2 small video guides on the assembly of SRT factory handlebars.

Ok, do you want to know where to click to finally have the SRT handlebar at home?

Well here we are, now there are no more excuses, you have the opportunity to improve the riding of your bike by making it more fun, more reactive, more beautiful and above all more personalized.

This gift that you will give yourself will be one of the modifications that you will appreciate the most on your bike and that will make you truly happy that you made this choice today.

Don't put off, don't wait until your handlebar is old, stop thinking that the handlebar you have now is great, because only after mounting the SRT handlebar will you eat your hands for waiting so long.


Buying on SRT Factory is quick and easy, just a few clicks, you can pay with paypal, bank transfer and cash on delivery and you can take advantage of the free return and if you haven't arrived late today you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING