One of the most common mistakes when choosing a handlebar

TRACER 700 and the high handlebar ...

Yesterday a motorcyclist who received the SRT ALTA handlebar after buying it, comparing it with the original handlebar of the TRACER 700, realized the difference in height.
Wondering if there was an error we gave him this answer:
"Good evening, I confirm that the  SRT HIGH FOLD HANDLEBAR  is lower than its original handlebar and is made in this way precisely to improve the riding position.
We understand that there is a belief around that the higher the handlebars, the more comfortable you are in the saddle, but this is NOT a correct belief. "
The TRACER 900 for example has a much lower handlebar than the 700 and despite this it is considered more comfortable.
In fact, the correct handlebar should be chosen not for the name of the bend, but for the shape, which must be such as to allow a comfortable and fun ride with a position in the saddle as natural as possible.
We always propose to do a test with the bike stationary, mounting the handlebar only on the risers (perhaps using protective tape to do a test without damaging the handlebar).
By doing this simple test, you will already see, by being alone in the saddle, how much more comfortable our handlebars are compared to the original one.
All the customers to whom we have sold the handlebar for the TRACER 700 have always been enthusiastic.
handlebar tracer 700

The problems of the original handlebar of the TRACER 700 are 2:

Unfortunately, an absurd belief has spread that high handlebars are comfortable regardless. You have seen the photo above, does it seem like a comfortable arm position that you see?

The rider above has a very straight torso with shoulders high, arms back and elbows above the handlebars. 

Try to put yourself at home in this same position and tell me how long you resist, let's see if you last the same time it takes to travel 200 km while still managing to move. 

Now look at the photo below of the Tracer 900 which as standard has a handlebar several centimeters lower than the handlebar of the 700, see how the position in the saddle changes, how the elbows are lower, almost aligned with the handlebars, how the torso remains straight and arms parallel with relaxed shoulders.

This was achieved with a lower, not higher, handlebar.

The problems of the handlebar of the Tracer 700 (and of other motorcycles with handlebars that are too high) are the following:

- it is too high, forcing you to stay with your arms too high; in fact, the tracer 700 is basically a "raised naked", with a seat on the saddle that is not very high, such as an Africa Twin or a GS.

With the original handlebar which is very high you remain with your arms in an awkward position as you can see from the photo.

This does not allow a correct driving feeling as well as straining the muscles of the arms during the rest phases (such as straights).

- secondly it is too closed, forcing the driver to stay in an unnatural position and to have a more difficult drive.
Imagine how you could ride your bike better with a more open handlebar, where you can work with your whole body and not just your wrists, straining them more than they should.

The tracer 700 is one of the bikes with the least performing handlebars on the market, but it remains a valid bike, definitely improved with a simple small adjustment (the replacement of the handlebars).

Many people mount the SRT handlebar on the TRACER (700/900) because it works really well, improving the ride and also the riding position.

This problem is also valid with other bikes, where the original handlebar is too high, such as the Suzuki V-strom.

Don't think that the extremely high handlebar you have as standard is a good solution for your comfort or riding your motorcycle.

Testing the SRT handlebar you will see that a lower handlebar actually makes driving less tiring and more comfortable, but above all it improves driving pleasure and fun.

Also because high is NOT synonymous with comfortable.

Remember that it is the shape of the handlebars combined with the measures that improve the ride, not the height as an end in itself.