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Cleans and makes ergal components shine

In addition to improving the performance of the bike, the ergal accessories also make it more beautiful.

The reason why ergal accessories are beautiful to look at consists of two characteristics: they are almost always machined from solid, wonderful workmanship to see and which satisfies the eyes of the beholder and almost always they are anodized.

If you are wondering in the specifics what anodizing is then take a look at THIS ARTICLE

Anodizing is a surface treatment that makes aluminum colored, while protecting it from oxidation.

When you receive an SRT aluminum component you will notice that it is very shiny and extremely bright and "alive" in color.

This is due to the fact that before leaving our atelier and arriving at your home he was treated with ALUX.


The ALUX cleaning kit

Alux is a cleaning kit with cloth formulated to thoroughly cleanse ergal by removing the opacities that are created as a result of the exposure of aluminum to the air and at the same time forming a protective film against atmospheric agents.

By passing Alux on the handlebars and on the other ergal accessories you will restore the original aesthetic effect of the ergal making it more beautiful, just like when you received the new product the first time.

Colors will be much brighter and brighter, enhancing the finish and making the components look as though they have just been mounted on the bike.

If you are a detailing enthusiast, this cleaning kit should not be missing and in any case it is essential to revive the ergal accessories of your motorcycle.

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