Find out how to make money with the SRT Factory affiliation for motorcycle accessories

Affiliation today is the new frontier of online earnings.

Do you know the figure of the representative or commercial agent? Affiliates today have the same role!

But instead of running all day, door to door, customer by customer, today you just need an internet connection and have a "channel" visited by many people interested in specific topics, in our case the bikes.

If you are a fan of motorcycle racing and motorcycle, you have a blog, a website, a facebook page, a forum, or a youtube channel that talks about motorcycles and engines then you could be the right candidate to join our free service that allows you to increase (or create) your income through our affiliate program for SRT AFFILIATE motorcycle accessories.

How does it work?

The system is simple and free. REGISTER TO THE AFFILIATED SRT PROGRAM

By registering to our program for free you will be provided with a special link (eg srtfactory.com/teamwork1234) that you can enter on the website or facebook page or instagram account that you manage and that will track all of your users who, by clicking on the link that you have created and inserted in your site / social / email account or other, will purchase a product on the site srtfactory.com

In fact, for each purchase that they make, you will receive a commission in percentage, which varies according to your volume of orders generated.

How can I become part of the SRT Factory affiliation program and earn money with motorcycle accessories?

If you have a site or a Facebook page much visited, you are passionate about motorcycles, and you want to monetize with your passion and earn some extra money, then you can become part of the affiliations for motorcycle accessories SRT, remember that subscribe to our program is totally free.


The requirements to become part of the SRT Factory affiliate program are simple:

- owning a website, a blog, a facebook page, a forum, a youtube channel possibly related to the MOTOR and MOTORCYCLES topic.

- possess a paypal account for payment of the commissions.

- create valuable content, videos of interest, facebook pages followed etc.

Our affiliate program is completely FREE and easy to implement on all sites, we will provide you with a "special link" (which you will find in your control panel, visible after joining the affiliation program) that will track all purchases that your users will do on our site.

It is fundamental, however, that you create valuable content, guides, videos, unboxing and anything else that may be useful for the user and above all you must attract the user to click on the link or photo with the link. I'm sorry but if you post a picture on facebook with our link below you will not get great results (in fact they will be almost zero). For example, if you create a video guide, a video comparison or something useful for your customer and a link to buy the useful product that you have shown, then the result is guaranteed.

There are a lot of videos on facebook that generate thousands of euros a year of conversions.

As with all things, if you do not put a minimum of commitment you will not get any results, I'm sorry.

How much can I earn?

A higher than average commission thanks to a medium-high cart on our site
Your income depends on the visits you are able to generate, if you generate clicks, your earnings will be very low, if you can generate a lot of traffic by slipping interested articles and using marketing strategies you can get amazing results.

From experience The average click rate, can vary from 0.5 to 3%, it means that every 1000 clicks on your banner (or link) can generate up to 30 sales.

Commissions table

Sale total (vat excl.) in 12 months3.500 €8.000 €15.000 €35.000 €
Percentage on sale8%10% 11.5%


Contatto diretto

Example: a customer who clicked on a link shared by you makes a purchase of a product worth € 80, your commission on this sale is € 6.40.

If you generate traffic that converts a lot you could receive special commissions, available for TOP SELLER SRT users, for performances over € 35,000

From your control panel you can at any time calculate the commissions you have generated up to that moment


What are the conditions?

  • Users' Lifetime:
    - users with a 90-day lifetime

    - lifetime regeneration for users who will click on your link again

    Confirmation of commission:
    - confirmation of accredited paying commission

    - commission balance canceled in case of returns or withdrawals

    Terms of payment:
    - payments via paypal

    - credit commission within 60 days

    - minimum payment upon reaching € 50 (cumulative over several months)

    By subscribing to our affiliate program you accept our terms and conditions that you can read carefully.

    For more information contact us at info@srtfactory.com