Because the SRT handlebar improves the ride

This article is inspired by a question a biker sent us today.

I report it in full below:

"A curiosity: you say that your handlebar improves the handling of the bike always and in any case; Ok.   

But the handlebar that fits on my MT 09 (the "low bend" Ø22 - 28) you can also mount it on the Z, Street, ER6N, Brutale ... etc ... and I don't go further .... all bikes also quite different from each other.  
Here is the question: how can you say, then, that a universal handlebar can be good and always improve the ride, for all these bikes with their specific (and different) suspensions, frames, geometries, etc? 
It is not controversy, God forbid, simple curiosity. "
We decided to answer this question with an article because for us the answer could be trivial and obvious, perhaps for those who are not of the trade the answer may not seem so obvious, so here is the explanation.

What we evaluate when designing a handlebar

Here is a small spoiler on how a factory made SRT handlebar is designed and manufactured. Maybe you have never been interested, but if you are a fan of the TV program  "HOW IT'S MADE"  the next few lines will be very interesting.

To create a handlebar according to the SRT factory specifications, we start from a reference base. Since these are universal handlebars, to detect the reference sample, we divide and select the (most popular) motorcycles into categories.

To do this, we filter the bikes according to some parameters that we cannot publicly disclose, and we combine them into groups for which we create ideal handlebars.

The motorcycle example that was given above in the question may seem random to the customer, since he has listed a group of motorcycles.

For us, however, it is not accidental, because he has selected some bikes that actually all have one aspect in common.

MT 09, the Z, the Street, the ER6N, the Brutale are actually bikes that all have the same "geometry".

Ok, don't worry, don't start insulting us from the screen .... we are not saying that an ER6N and a Brutale are the same or that they are the same bike proposed at 2 different digits.

But they have in common the "geometry" of the pilot, they are similar from the point of view of the driving position. 

Some heights, some positions, but the butt-foot-hands triangulation is quite similar on most of the naked.

I'll give you an example to better understand.

These you see below are 3 classic naked, a street triple, an ER6N and a Brutale 800.

because the srt handlebar improves driving

You can see for yourself how the triangulation of arms-hands-buttocks is quite similar in all 3 bikes.

Even if these three bikes have a different frame, different tires, a different braking system, a different chassis, the thing that interests us, that is the position in the saddle, is similar.

Ps. if you want you can do other tests with the simulator that  YOU FIND HERE

Here you can see other 3 types of motorcycles

There are three Tourers, the Tracer 900, the Versys 1000 and the Gs 1200
Also note here the similarity between the bikes as regards the position of the rider. The virtual triangle between hands-buttocks-feet is very similar regardless of whether it is three different bikes.
It is evident by comparing the two images, how the positions on the saddle are different between these two categories of motorcycles.
Consequently, we have developed different handlebars according to the category of motorcycles on which they will be destined. 

Average bike for average rider

The houses that design the motorcycles, just like us, take this triangulation into account as regards the position on the saddle.

To do this, they hypothesize and create the bike on the average body size, since they take into account the most common average user, that is the man 175 cm tall for 75 kg of weight. In this average there is also the other woman 158 cm weighing 48 kg and the man from 195 to 105 kg ... yes the man is always a little overweight :).

They also do not take into account many variables, or some characteristics.

Designing a motorcycle is not easy, and there are many things that are overlooked or in any case remain of marginal importance in the final result, always to contain costs and production / design times and create a product that can suit a large slice of motorcyclists.

It makes no sense to allocate too many resources on the handlebars of a motorcycle for those who produce the whole bike, it would be a waste of time and money.

For SRT factory, on the other hand, it makes sense, since we are specialized in this accessory, we have gone further to allow certain driving results to be obtained according to the bike and / or the build of the rider.

Whoever makes the bike has the goal of producing the entire bike, there is no engineer dedicated to the handlebars.

Our core business, on the other hand, is focused exclusively on the handlebars, so we focus our attention only on this element by correcting any desired flaw or error and not of series production.

Very simple.

And that's exactly what other companies specializing in a certain component do, such as those who only make suspensions to improve the original component, or those who only make brakes with the same goal, to get something better than the series.

It is foolish to think that the original components are the best that can be aspired to on a motorcycle. They have been chosen and assembled for the most varied reasons ... economic, partnership, commercial, marketing and not necessarily functional or because they represent the best technical choice.

Why rely on us to get a result in your guide

Ok, to conclude the answer to the motorcyclist who asked us this question, which I report in part: 

So how can you say that a universal handlebar can be good and always improve the ride, for all these bikes with their specific (and different) suspensions, frames, geometries, etc? 

Above we saw how an apparently "universal" handlebar is actually designed for a specific type of motorcycle. For example, we don't make handlebars for Customs, it's not our job.

What apparently looks like a universal handlebar is actually a handlebar designed to be able to adapt to a limited range of motorcycles to obtain a certain type of driving result.

In our catalog we have different models to allow you to obtain different results according to the build and needs of the rider and his bike.

The choice is therefore not that simple.

For this reason, our advice is to rely on our advice, asking for personalized advice to understand which handlebar is best suited to obtain a certain type of result.

There are cases in which we recommend one type of handlebar rather than another, or a more radical modification that also includes the risers. There are also cases where we declare that our handlebar is not right. It does not always solve the problem, especially on some bikes that are not very common or that have design flaws in the famous hand-foot-butt triangulation.

In that case we would have to redesign the bike but that's not our job.

The SRT factory handlebars are therefore designed for specific bikes that have in common the rider's position in the saddle and correct the typical defects of the stock handlebars, such as the material, the finishes, the dimensions and the position of the wrists / hands with respect to the rest. of the arm.

Or by changing the handlebar model to accentuate some aspects of driving and comfort by varying the measures and shape of the handlebars to obtain different results.

I remind you that for your doubts you know you can count on our consultancy specialized in motorcycle handlebars.