Do you really think handlebars are all the same?

If you think naked handlebars are all the same, I recommend that you look at these pictures

You will be amazed by what you will see

Unfortunately, some motorcyclists are convinced that one handlebar is as good as the other, that there are no differences between the various brands and certainly no information can be found online.

But I can guarantee you that not all motorcycle handlebars  are the same!

Do you know why I say this? In addition to the fact that we are experts in motorcycle handlebars, we also did various comparative tests and here is what emerged.

The problem of the handlebar folds low, medium, high.

Wherever we talk about handlebars we find that the handlebar is differentiated by "bend".

Despite being a widespread method, this way of "cataloging" the handlebars is not correct and in fact it is not used in the rest of the world, only in Italy the handlebars are divided by "bend".

The problem is that it creates confusion.

We too, in order not to further increase this confusion, have decided not to change the habits of motorcyclists but it would be correct to clarify this point to begin to better understand how the handlebars are really divided.

Let's start by saying that calling the handlebars "per bend" is wrong , in fact the differences between two handlebars offered with the same bend can be enormous.

Buying a low bend handlebar from a generic brand is not exactly the same as buying an SRT low bend handlebar.

Ok, okay, both are called low bend, but the SRT low bend even if it may seem similar due to the name, in reality it has different shapes from other handlebars.

For this you will not get improvements in the ride that you get only with the PIEGA LOW SRT 

PS handlebar  . this applies to all of our creases, not just the low crease.

In fact, our "handlebar shapes" are patented and unique.

Because it is the shape of our handlebars that solves the problems related to riding by improving the position on the saddle, the handling of the bike, the driving dynamics, agility, stability and comfort.


The handlebar is a three-dimensional element, so it cannot be measured at home with the tape measure as many do and think.

The measuring tape method is fine for understanding some measurements, but you can't measure for example the height of the handlebar with the tape measure.

These measures are "dynamic", in fact based on how you mount the handlebars they will vary.

As long as it is more or less rotated and you will recreate a different measure -

The reason why these measures change is precisely because the handlebar is three-dimensional, just rotate it slightly to change height and recess of a few centimeters.

ONLY the SRT handlebars have the correct shape to improve driving, because we have been specializing in the design of motorcycle handlebars for over 10 years, perfecting the measures and the shape to obtain truly functional results.

No other company has ever specialized in motorcycle handlebars, we are the only ones.

Still don't believe it? 

I understand that these statements for you that you have never had an SRT handlebar are hard to believe, but apart from all the reviews that you can see directly  HERE  or that you can find online on various forums or FB groups, such as these:

handlebar drop difference

handlebar difference between folds

motorcycle handlebar difference

We did an experiment for you

We bought some competitive handlebars to compare them with ours and to let you see for yourself the differences between SRT handlebars and some models found online.

Because I know, if you've never had a factory SRT handlebar, you can't understand how it can be so different from all other handlebars.

So we wanted to make a direct comparison.

In the following photos you can see the differences between the SRT handlebar and a famous black color medium fold model that we bought.

Compared with our   gold-colored MEDIUM BEND VARIABLE SECTION HANDLEBAR , you can already see the differences from the photos.

The SRT handlebar is gold colored, while the black handlebar is that of the competition, the same one that makes mirrors, arrows and license plate holders ...

As you can see, they are both handlebars called "medium fold", but they are completely different.

dumbbell difference medium fold

You really think dumbbells are all the same

handlebar bend medium difference

But if you carefully notice the competition's medium handlebar (black) it has 3 big flaws:

The first is the recess towards the pilot, you will notice that it is very closed, in practice the ends are facing the pilot.

This shape, in addition to worsening the driving of the motorcycle, also deteriorates the comfort, forcing you into an uncomfortable position with the elbows tight and turned towards the torso.

In addition to all these problems, it does not allow you to load the weight correctly on the wrists.

The SRT handlebar, on the other hand, is less directed towards the rider than that of the other brand, in this way the riding position remains more "with open arms" ensuring better control of the bike without having an uncomfortable and constricting position on the saddle.

This cannot be extrapolated from the measurements.

The SRT factory handlebars are created to improve the riding of your bike, they are designed with ideal sizes and shapes to make your bike more fun and the riding position more comfortable.

srt handlebar mounted

Which brings us back to the second problem

Perhaps the most serious of this competition handlebar, namely the tilt.

In addition to being turned too much towards the pilot, you will notice from the photos that it is also very sloping; this means that in addition to making driving worse, it can also create  DISEASE IN THE WRIST .

You can see it well in the first photo where you notice that the black handlebar is more "sloping" and inclined than the factory SRT handlebar.

This is really an aspect to keep in mind, because a very inclined handlebar does not allow a correct alignment of the wrists with the arms, creating discomfort while driving, and preventing the weight from being correctly discharged, without straining the wrists.

Among other things, the sloping shape does not bring any advantage in terms of driving.

The SRT factory handlebar, on the other hand, keeps the wrists aligned with the forearm so as not to tire you while riding the bike.

The result is that with the SRT handlebar you can cover many kilometers without straining your wrists and arms.

manubrio SRT

And here's the third problem ...

The last problem is that the other brand's medium bend handlebar is much narrower than the SRT handlebar, and if you've read our  HANDLEBAR GUIDE YOU  will know why a wide handlebar improves the ride of your bike.

The SRT factory handlebars are designed to have the right width to allow compatibility with the main motorcycles without having to modify anything.

The greater width or length allows you to improve the handling of your motorcycle by increasing the lever arm, sensitivity and handling.

But it does not end here, in fact in addition to these 3 main problems that make driving worse, we have also analyzed 3 other important aspects that we will see in detail at the bottom of this page, but that I anticipate now:

the  aesthetic finish, the  resistance of the material , the  vibrations transmitted.

But first let me show you 2 more competitive handlebars compared to SRT handlebars

Difference between high bend handlebars

Also in this case we wanted to take a famous high bend handlebar of a renowned brand to compare it with the   SRT HIGH BEND VARIABLE SECTION HANDLEBAR

As you can see from the photos, both handlebars are proposed as "high bend" but the difference is evident .

handlebar drop difference

high bend dumbbell difference

In this case the SRT handlebar is higher (we still have various "high fold" versions suitable for different bikes, the enduro version, the naked version, etc.).

The high fold SRT in addition to being higher, has the advantage of being more "straight", that is, less closed in the direction of the rider, this allows for better driving standing on the footpegs suitable for off-road or better comfort on touring bikes. type V-strom, Bmw Gs, Africa Twin and so on.

You can also notice the difference in width of the section where the handlebar is fixed on the  RISER , in the SRT handlebar it is narrower.

This detail is not accidental, we have designed it to reduce the flexion of the handlebar during the impacts that occur in off-road driving; in this way the bike is more manageable, more dynamic and the handlebar flexes less.

They are details, but our handlebars are designed by improving the details.

Difference between handlebar low and medium fold

We kept the best for last, as always.

This black you see is a very famous handlebar sold as "low fold" and when it arrived, we were very surprised even we who are handlebar experts but didn't expect anything like this.

Imagine how disappointed you could be after receiving this handlebar convinced to receive a completely different one (soon you will understand why).

Although it is called "low drop" we could not help but compare it to our medium fold, because that handlebar that was sold to us for low fold is actually practically as high as our medium fold!

For this reason the definition of bend cannot be corrected, creating confusion.

Enjoy the photos ...

low and medium fold difference

motorcycle handlebar difference low and medium fold

What can I say, these photos speak for themselves, and even in this case the name of the fold means nothing, because our medium fold has practically the same height as the low fold proposed by this well-known brand.

And that's why the term fold means nothing.

As you have seen for yourself in these photos, the term fold is very generic and is used improperly.

The handlebars you find online most of the time are offered by makeshift vendors who have no idea what they are selling.

Retailers and resellers are often not prepared, they don't have the time or the opportunity to do these comparative tests.

The worst part is that many don't recommend the best products, but prefer to recommend products where they have the most margins.

Furthermore, the simple wording of the fold does not allow you to even understand what you are buying (and in reality you do not even understand by looking at the measures).

In this complete mess it is really difficult to identify the right handlebar, also because the handlebar is a really important element of the bike, too important to pick one at random and hope it will go well.

For this you should rely on SRT, the only company specializing in motorcycle handlebars

We wanted to write this article because relying on those who don't even know how to build a handlebar is a bad solution.

If you've never tried a handlebar that truly improves your bike's ride, you can't even have a yardstick.

On the other hand, if you have always driven with the "Panda of the handlebars" without ever having tried the "Ferrari of the handlebars", you will never understand the real difference.

Until you ride your bike with a factory SRT handlebar you will never really appreciate the potential it can express.

And it is ridiculous to say the least that some on facebook write to us asking us for advice on which bend is right on their bike and then go and get a handlebar with the "same bend" (which actually changes shape) in china or on ebay to a third party of the price of our handlebar.

Would you ever bring a Casio to Rolex service? So why ask us for advice on the suitable handlebar and then take NON SRT handlebars ...

Get in your head that our advice is valid only for SRT handlebars, not for different handlebars that have different sizes and shapes that do not solve the driving problems.

Buying a Chinese "low fold" handlebar on ebay saving 20 euros is a bad choice, first of all because it does not solve any problem and on the contrary, it makes driving worse; second because not only is it of lower quality than the factory SRT handlebar, but it is also uglier!

Okay, don't you even believe this? Then read on.

The aesthetics, the finish and the material, the other 3 aspects to be analyzed.

And here we come to other defects that we found in the handlebars purchased online (and not so cheap). 

At the beginning of this article I mentioned 3 important aspects of evaluation, the  aesthetic finish , the  resistance of the material , and the  vibrations transmitted.

If you think our handlebars have a high price maybe you should see the next pictures.

In order not to take risks, we have put a nice contrasting color, the black handlebars are in fact from other brands, while the gold one is an SRT factory handlebar.

handlebar aesthetic finish

As you can see from the photo, the first handlebar is of the sandblasted type, has an inconsistent grainy finish, and is typical of handlebars made in China.

It is a type of raw finish, simple and low cost, suitable for a mediocre handlebar.

The black handlebar at the bottom of the photo, on the other hand, is painted black, it is a finish that tends to last a short time (the paint jumps away and crackles) and has obvious aesthetic defects due to the painting (made more evident by the zoom), a treatment to which they are subjected a lot of handlebars, too bad it is not durable.

In fact, even the powder paint, one of the toughest, on the handlebar tends to peel off due to the thin thickness to ensure mounting on the risers.

Do you notice instead that the SRT Factory handlebar has a more refined finish?

In fact, it is brushed and anodized, this to make it aesthetically beautiful by erasing the bending marks, but above all eternal, with bright colors that last for years, leaving the metal exposed which, reflecting the sun's rays, will make your bike beautiful.

Of course we could also save money by sandblasting it instead of brushing, it would have cost us less (click  HERE  if you want to learn more), but you would have had a more ugly product.

But that's not our goal.

The aesthetic finish as you see is very different between SRT handlebars and other handlebars, but without this comparison photo, you would never have noticed.

But it does not end here, we do not stop only at aesthetics, in fact as regards the  resistance of the material  and vibrations transmitted to the rider,  with the SRT handlebar you have all the guarantees of a top of the range product.

The solidity of our handlebars has no equal being made in ergal  7075 hardened T6 they  are very high resistance handlebars, remaining light and absorbing  VIBRATIONS  thanks to the technology and the material with which they are made.

We have also tested the hardness of the material of the competition handlebars, but we are not able to accurately determine the type of material, but the alloy used is in all probability  2000 , a less resistant and cheaper aluminum alloy, costs about 1 / 4 of ergal.

Are you looking for the best or are you satisfied with a poor handlebar?

SRT handlebars are the best handlebars on the market, the only ones that solve driving problems by improving the aesthetics of your bike.

Thousands of motorcyclists mount them on their bikes  REPLACING THE ORIGINAL HANDLEBARS  or other aftermarket handlebars, because only SRT factory handlebars improve your bike and ride.

The reality is that only after trying an SRT handlebar will you really understand what we are talking about.

As long as the comparison is an original handlebar or even worse a handlebar from another brand, which is bought in China and branded with famous brands (and you would be amazed at how many famous brands do this procedure), you will never find out how your bike is. can take a step forward by becoming more manageable, more comfortable and above all more beautiful than now.

We are the only company specializing in the manufacture of motorcycle handlebars, we dedicate all our efforts to this essential accessory for riding.

So you can decide whether to have the SRT Factory handlebar on your bike, the best handlebar on the market that enhances the aesthetics and above all the driving, or an unsuccessful copy of our handlebars.

And if that's still not enough, this video made by CRT Motors will show you the differences of the SRT handlebars