EssenziAL SRT 22 mm handlebar for naked motorbikes

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EssenziAL SRT 22 mm handlebar for naked motorbikes

made in italy

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EssenziAL SRT 22 mm handlebar for naked motorcycles in aluminium

EssenziAL SRT handlebars are made in Italy. They have an external diameter of 22 mm and are compatible with most motorbikes with 22 mm risers, the internal hole is 12 mm and allows the assembly of the  HANDLEBAR GRIPS  and  STABILIZER COUNTERWEIGHTS  with an expansion system. The weight is 800 gr. about.

Difference between the EssenziAL SRT handlebar and other SRT handlebars

As you know, the SRT Factory handlebars are the best handlebars on the market. But perfection also has a high cost.

For this reason we decided to create a "poor" version of our dumbbells.

A handlebar that we called EssenziAL, which as the name itself suggests, is an essential version of the classic SRT handlebar.

If you want the best, then the choice is between these two models:  SRT LOW BEND HANDLEBAR


While to create the EssenziAL model we eliminated several steps that make the SRT factory handlebar unique, aligning ourselves with what you can normally find on the market.

In addition to this we used a cheaper and less resistant aluminium.

Don't worry, the SRT handlebar is always safe, we are always careful on this point, but to be safe we ​​had to make it slightly thicker and therefore also heavier.

If you're used to our incredibly light handlebars, you'll find this one to be more thoughtful, like all the other models on the market.

The heat treatment, bending times and surface treatment of oxidation (anodization) and finishing have also been revised. 

Attention to detail gives way to practicality. The finishes are less precise and more suited to the type of product.

The EssenziAL SRT motorcycle handlebar is available only in the color BLACK, in two different bends, the medium bend model for a more comfortable ride and the low bend model for a sportier ride.
Essential SRT 22 mm handlebar

For us, the handlebar is a fundamental and structural element of the motorbike, to which we pay the utmost attention.

It must exceed several parameters to be an SRT handlebar, including rigidity and strength to ensure constant safe riding.

For this reason, all our  22mm motorcycle handlebars  are designed and manufactured taking into account the needs of safety as well as comfort and aesthetics.

The advantages of the SRT motorcycle handlebar.

Are you undecided between the two models? Read this then.
 The 22 mm low bend handlebar is an ideal handlebar for sporty naked bikes, designed for pure sport riding.
Low and wide (just right, it's not a motocross handlebar but is designed for naked bikes) to handle even the most impetuous and mean bike.
The slightly longer length compared to the original standard handlebar is such as to improve the leverage effect which allows you to control and ride the motorbike, making it more manageable and fun. At the same time, the measurements of our handlebars ensure easy assembly on naked bikes with 22mm handlebars. mm without having to replace the cables.
These two factors give sportiness and easy handling while maintaining good rider posture without tiring the wrists and back.
 The 22mm medium bend handlebar is the best-selling aftermarket handlebar ever.
After years of modifications we have found the right shape and size to allow both sportiness and fundamental comfort on long journeys to coexist on the same product.
The biggest difficulty in the design was the combination of a sporty fold that would allow maintaining an acceptable driving position; after several attempts we found the right shape to obtain both results.

Are you still undecided?

If you still have doubts, find out why you should  CHOOSE AN SRT FACTORY HANDLEBAR  and why our handlebar is the only one that definitively solves motorcyclists' driving problems.

The SRT handlebars have been designed and tested for use on most naked motorbikes, ideal for sportier riding without sacrificing comfort.
Shape and dimensions are designed to obtain riding improvements and allow easy assembly on naked motorbikes with 22 mm handlebars without having to replace the various cables.
With this handlebar you will get a clear improvement in riding, a more comfortable riding position, and better aesthetics.

I also leave you a simple list of some of the applications on which the SRT 22 mm handlebar can be mounted:

- Aprilia

           Shiver 750

- Ducati

           Monster 821 797 696 695 620 600
           Hypermotard 821 / 939

- Honda

           CB 1000 R
           CBF 650
           Hornet 600

- Kawasaki


- Suzuki

           Gladius 650
           GSR 600 750


- Triumph

           Street Triple 675
           Speed Triple 1050

- Yamaha

           MT07 / MT03
           FZ1 / FZ8 / FZ6
           XSR 700

  • Diameter handlebar 22 mm
  • Weight 800 gr

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EssenziAL SRT 22 mm handlebar for naked motorbikes

EssenziAL SRT 22 mm handlebar for naked motorbikes

EssenziAL SRT 22 mm handlebar for naked motorbikes

made in italy